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Kate SinapianThank you for interest in reading about me, visiting the website and hopefully finding the information here useful.

My name is Kate Sinapian – I’m an Armenian-American, daughter of immigrant, just like most of us (I just had to add it here).

I studied for chiropractor at Southern California University of Health Sciences and have nearly 10 years of experience; my husband is a mid-sized mattress store manager in Southern California.

You got it right! My experience dealing with so many people with back and neck pains, combined with all the knowledge my husband shared with me during the last 7 years resulted in this “side” project. I have organized my knowledge, collected opinions from other reviewers in a size that leaves very little room for error. Our data collection, analysis and sorting is unique with its scoring options that present the best of everything to let you make the right decision.

Another thing I’m fascinated with is history. What did Romans sleep on? Were their “mattresses” comfortable. My grandmother doesn’t like anything with foam or latex. She doesn’t like those spring mattresses. You know what she likes? A mattress totally made of wool.

Just like all this in a “mattress”. All organic!

wool for mattress

Now let’s get real. It’s not something I recommend neither I welcome going back all the way to roots. I like innovation and give my fully unbiased opinions and reviews for all of the products I write about.

Sleep is so important that you just can’t ignore the necessity of having the “best” conditions for a comfortable sleep.

Feel free to contact me via email katesinapian [at] mattressfun com and I’ll do my best to accommodate you but first, start with browsing though the list of best mattresses and reviews. I’m sure it will answer most of your questions.

*Note that articles on Mattressfun.com written by me in no way constitutes medical advice. If you have health preconditions, you should first of all consult with your doctor. While I do provide the best of “general” information, the information and materials on MattressFun.com should not be used as a substitute for the care and knowledge that your physician can provide to you.

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