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Air MattressesChoosing the best air mattress is a daunting and challenging task, given numerous choices of brands and models in this category. Air mattresses are also known as sleeping pads or air beds, which are literally blow-up mattresses, filled with air rather than the usual latex, coil spring, or memory foam materials. This mattress type comes in different construction styles such as raised or double highly, low profile or positioned on a bed stand along with various ways of inflating the foam, specifically through electrically powered pumps. In most cases, an air mattress enjoys higher customer satisfaction and approval rating compared to its innerspring counterpart but relatively much inferior to memory foam or latex beds.

To 10 Air Mattress Reviews

Check out the top airbed brands and models available on the market:

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Lazery Sleep Air Mattress
Lazery Sleep Air Mattress This heavy-duty double height inflatable air bed showcases a built-in electric pump with 7 remote settings to let you achieve the ideal firmness from plush to extra firm while the construction and inflation system keeps the bed stable throughout the night.
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2 *BEST CHOICE* Air Mattress *BEST CHOICE* Air Mattress The hypoallergenic bamboo air mattress highlights the coil beam construction for durability and excellent support while the nylon laminated layers increase the long-lasting design and capacity of the bed.
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3 The Shrunks Toddler Portable Inflatable Travel Air Bed
The Shrunks Toddler Portable Inflatable Travel Air Bed The toddler inflatable bed showcases the signature sheet-tuck design and the ideal size that suits all standard crib sheet sizes. The trademark security rails boost the unique aesthetic and functionality of the air mattress with a powerful Jetaire electric pump.
4 Lazery Sleep Air Mattress Airbed with remote
Lazery Sleep Air Mattress Airbed with remote Enjoy the easy to inflate and deflate air mattress with 7 remote control settings, conveniently achieving the ideal surface from soft plush to extra firm, offering a portable convenience with 1-year satisfaction warranty.
$118.72 $169.95 Buy It Now
5 Restoration Inflatable Air Mattress Queen
Restoration Inflatable Air Mattress Queen With a flocked surface to ensure quality comfort in a coil top system, the inflatable airbed evenly distributes body weight offering undisturbed and comfortable night’s sleep. It comes with a built-in pump with easy storage oversized carry bag.
6 Insta-Bed Never Flat Queen Air Mattress
Insta-Bed Never Flat Queen Air Mattress The dual-pump design with a neverFLAT pump patented system silently and quickly inflates the bed with easy deflation mechanism along with the convenient automatic shutoff feature. The queen-sized bed potentially achieves a full firmness to keep you comfortable all night long.
$106.23 Buy It Now
7 Queen Raised Airbed Intex with Pillow Rest
Queen Raised Airbed Intex with Pillow Rest The air mattress comes with a built-in electric pump with the high-powered system for easy inflation and deflation in approximately 4 minutes, offering hassle-free set-up and storage. Designed with the waterproof double-layered wave beam construction, the bed is not just durable but a comfortable sleep alternative.
8 Insta-Bed EZ Air Mattress Queen
Insta-Bed EZ Air Mattress Queen Fully equipped with the Never Flat patented system, the built-in pump inflates the bed while maintaining a silent operation along with the fast and efficient deflation technology that deflates the bed for storage in just minutes.
$301.13 $399.95 Buy It Now
9 Insta-Bed Never Flat Pump Raised Pillow Top Air Mattress
Insta-Bed Never Flat Pump Raised Pillow Top Air Mattress Inflate the bed without too much fuss with the Never Flat pump system that maintains the air pressure and helps you monitor the firmness and comfort level of the air mattress to achieve your desired surface. The quality materials keep the bed water resistant and withstand punctures and any damages.
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Best seller
10 Intex Raised Airbed with Built-In Electric Pump
Intex Raised Airbed with Built-In Electric Pump The inflatable twin airbed comes with a built-in electric pump with waterproof top and formidable construction to withstand pressure and weight over a long period of time. The added comfort comes from the built-in pillows while the high-powered pump inflates and deflates the bed in seconds.

Common Function and Benefits of Air Mattresses

Inflatable mattresses come in different sizes, shapes, and construction with a broad range of advantages to cater to diverse needs and preferences for sleeping accommodations. Some of the benefits of an inflatable or air bed include the adjustability of its comfort levels whether you want something firm or soft, making it a great option for couples that have a different preference of comfort on their side of the bed. Air mattresses come in various size dimensions from twin to king sizes while the portability of this bed type makes it versatile and ideal for different scenarios or places inside your home. Flexibility, affordability and usability are just three of the main features of inflatable mattress that add to its selling points as air beds are easily inflated and deflated for easy handling, storage, or transport especially if you need a comfy surface when you go out on camping trips.

Places of Usage

Here are some of the most common places where you can best utilize air mattresses:

As your Main Permanent Bed

While air mattresses are quite portable, they can still be a remarkable choice for the main bed that you will permanently and regularly use since there are models that are much more expensive than the low-profile and smaller guest beds or sleeping pads. Air mattresses are available in different sizes such as queen and king-sized beds complete with their foundations, raised platforms, or any purpose built separate stands.

As a Temporary Guest Bed

The ideal choice for this particular purpose is a smaller sized twin or queen bed which can be used for sleepovers or temporary sleeping arrangements such as when you have guests coming to visit and will be staying overnight. Air beds are compact and flexible to use while ensuring comfortable sleep and an alternative to sleeping on a sofa or couch, making this mattress type an excellent choice for guest bed solutions that could last even a lifetime with careful maintenance and storage.

For Camping or Backpacking

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The best sleeping equipment for campers and backpackers, air mattresses can be easily deflated and inflated, making it an easy to carry bed that you can easily pack away inside a bag. It is a much more affordable and comfier alternative particularly camping pads or sleeping pad models that conveniently fit inside a tent and roll up for easy storage inside your vehicle’s trunk or your backpack.

In SUVs and Cars

Inflatable mattresses are perfect for road trips or if you don’t want to sleep in hotels with inflatable car beds that are specifically designed for this particular scenario and purpose. Getting a sound sleep right in the back of your vehicle is possible with air beds that are easy to inflate and come with custom stands or have their own inflated feet designs located at the rear foot-wells and offer edge support when fully inflated.

Air Mattress Buying Guide

The widest selection of air mattress brands and models will leave you more confused and indecisive thus it helps to know some important criteria and use them as the basis for your buying decision.

Thickness (Raised or Low Profile)

There are two types of height or thickness to choose from in today’s air mattress models namely raised and low profile. Raised air beds have basically the same height or thickness of regular beds where the inflatable mattress is adjoined to the platform, giving a safe distance between the sleeper and the floor and offering a traditional sleep experience. Low profile or thinner air beds, on the other hand, have no added base or foundation which means this model is slightly cheaper than its raised counterpart. This inflatable bed design is ideal for backpacking and camping trips.

Pump (External or Internal/Built-In)

The external pump type can either be manually powered using battery or foot while mains powered types have automatic designs. Air beds with external pump designs are becoming less common options on the market today. Internal or built-in pump designs for air mattresses offer hassle-free usage with adjustable comfort levels so that you can quickly set the mattress surface to plush, medium, or firm. Most inflatable beds in this category have easy to turn knobs and adjustment features, making them quite attractive in online marketplaces or showrooms.

Air Mattress Brand Gossips

There are top picks when it comes to the best air mattresses available on the market today, each brand offering various features and pros and cons. Some of the most common and popular names you will encounter in this mattress niche include Dream Series by SoundAsleep, the neverFLAT model by Serta, Insta Bed’s Never Flat, ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable air beds, Intex Comfort Plush, Pillow Rest Intex, AeroBed Classic, the Camping Series by SoundAsleep, Inflatable Couch Bed by Intex, Insta EZ Bed Queen,  and Coleman Air Bed.


Various people have different sleeping preferences, positions, and needs; thus your sleep requirements determine which brand or mattress model is the best air mattress for you. Nonetheless, there is always one air mattress model that will suit your needs and give you the best sleep experience with the comfort level to give you that refreshed and invigorated morning.

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