Best Mattress Toppers

There are numerous things to consider when looking for the best mattress toppers, also known as a mattress pad, which is a much thinner version of the regular full mattress. Although mattress toppers are significantly lesser in height, they are often made of the same material types as that of thicker mattresses such as foam and latex. Mattress toppers usually consist of just one layer with a thickness that ranges between 1 inch and 5 inches with the purpose of providing an additional layer or cushion on top of the existing surface or layer. Mattress toppers are the more affordable alternative to buying an entirely new full mattress especially if your existing bed is already showing signs of wear and tear, sagging, and lumpiness.

There are bestselling mattress toppers available online with varied pricing and design, offering numerous choices for people with different budget and personal preference for a great sleep experience.

Top 10 Mattress Toppers of 2018 Reviewed

ProductReviewReview ScorePrice Now
Red Nomad 2-Inch Queen Visco Elastic Memory Foam
Red Nomad 2-Inch Queen Visco Elastic Memory Foam The advanced mattress topper ventilated design offers cooler sleep with comfort levels that reduce pressure points and back aches, whether for the side, back, and stomach sleepers.
Editor choice
2 DreamFoam Gel Swirl 2-Inch Memory Foam
DreamFoam Gel Swirl 2-Inch Memory Foam The US-made mattress topper is made of 2-inch memory foam materials offering quality sleep with body conforming design and CertiPUR-US approved features for a safer and healthier sleep.
$69.99 $119.99 Buy It Now
3 Advanced Sleep Solutions Gel Memory Foam 2-Inch
Advanced Sleep Solutions Gel Memory Foam 2-Inch The USA-made mattress topper highlights the ultra-premium memory foam with gel-infused design to ensure a conforming, comfortable, and cooling feel with heat dissipation open cell structure and low-density rating for pressure relief.
$89.95 $189.97 Buy It Now
4 MILLIARD 2″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper
MILLIARD 2″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper The memory foam mattress topper is designed for cribs and toddler beds with the ultimately comfortable design that contours to the child’s body shape and weight, reducing tossing and turning and with waterproof protection. Utra soft bamboo cover make the touch especially special.
$93.99 $119.99 Buy It Now
5 Sleep Innovations Queen-Sized Dual Layer
Sleep Innovations Queen-Sized Dual Layer The mattress topper comes with a 10-year limited warranty and showcases 4 inches of dual layers with plush fiber and high-quality gel memory foam, making you experience affordable luxury with gentle body contouring support
$168.76 Buy It Now
6 Sleep Innovations Dual Layer 4-Inch Gel Memory Foam Topper
Sleep Innovations Dual Layer 4-Inch Gel Memory Foam Topper Two inches of cooling memory foam gel layers are within another 2-inch of the fiber-fill fluffy layer to ensure deeper sleep with comfort levels that cater to back, stomach, and side sleepers.
$119.83 Buy It Now
Best price
7 Sleep Master Gel Memory Foam 2 Inch Topper
Sleep Master Gel Memory Foam 2 Inch Topper The conforming, cooling, comfortable, and supportive mattress topper is CertiPUR-US certified to ensure durability, safety, and performance with 5-year hassle-free warranty.
8 Memory Foam Solutions Visco Elastic Mattress topper
Memory Foam Solutions Visco Elastic Mattress topper The supportive 3-inch memory foam mattress topper offers just the right amount of thickness to ensure a comfortable and restful sleep, providing protection to the body especially in mattress areas that are prone to sagging.
$145.68 $349.99 Buy It Now
9 LUCID Foam 2-Inch Mattress Topper Queen
LUCID Foam 2-Inch Mattress Topper Queen Made up of 2-inch solid thick foam, this mattress topper is the best alternative to provide a cushion to a too firm or hard sleep surface through its superior pressure relief and comfort with a thickness level that makes it ideal for camping and RVs.
$34.99 $89.99 Buy It Now
10 Linenspa Gel-Infused 2-Inch Memory Foam
Linenspa Gel-Infused 2-Inch Memory Foam With two inches of high-quality gel-infused memory foam content, this mattress topper vitalizes sleep through its temperature-regulating gel materials that prevent overheating and evenly distributes weight while conforming to the contours of the body for pressure relief.

Mattress Topper Buying Guide

The choice of material should be on top of your priority list when buying a new mattress topper since different materials have their own pros and cons, comfort levels, and durability. Choose a mattress topper with the right overall thickness that influences the longevity, comfort, and price of the unit while the comfort and ventilation design should be based on the type of covers that encase the mattress pad. Different mattress toppers have varied cover design from 100% cotton, bamboo fabric or natural plant-based to quilted and knitted designs. Choose a mattress topper based on its durability and warranty protection to ensure years, even decades of use.

Types of Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers vary according to the materials used for their construction, weight, size, density, thickness, and other essential factors. The best mattress toppers depend on your personal preference and to most people, the budget that they can realistically afford:

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattress toppers are considered the most widely sold and popular type which is made from unique polyurethane materials with the specially formulated comfortable design. Memory foam is known for its body conforming design that relieves back pain and protects the body’s pressure points while it effectively manages heat through reduced heat retention. Mattress toppers with memory foam materials come in different pressure ranges and density levels with motion isolation features, averting any disturbances and ensuring uninterrupted sleep.


Also known as feather beds, this unconventional mattress topper is widely used for more luxurious bedrooms, making it a high-end choice for a mattress pad. The topper is made up of soft feather materials with a reduced heat retention design for a cool nights rest while the softness offers a completely different and pleasant overall sleep experience. Feather mattress toppers, however, have their issues especially concerning maintenance since you need to regularly shake up and ruffle the mattress pad to maintain its shape and it has lesser motion transfer, making it a poor choice for couple’s bed.

Latex Foam

One of the most popular choices for mattress toppers, latex foam mattress toppers could either be made from synthetic latex or rubber and natural latex with hypoallergenic features and minimal to zero off-gassing issues with dust mite and mold resistance. Latex mattress pads offer a wide range of thickness and firmness with good body heat distribution to keep you feeling cooler all night long and satisfactory body transfer formula for undisrupted sleep.


As the name implies, this type of mattress topper is made from special wool fibers that are suitable for both cold and warm weather with solidly durable design to last for years. Wool mattress pads have a firm yet bouncing and cushiony feel, making it comfortable for side sleepers but with enough support to prevent aching back and limbs.

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