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Brentwood Home: Dare to Dream

Brentwood Home LogoBrentwood Home is committed to creating the most natural and comfortable products for that best night’s sleep you deserve. The California-based brand reflects the ethos of the state, offering products that resemble the creativity, vitality, and health of their beloved home state. With a wide range of top quality mattress beds and bedding products such as pillows, kid’s and babies’ beds, dog beds, and linen quilts, the label is one of the more established names in the industry with a growing number of customers through the years.

Types of Mattresses Offered

The diversity of the Brentwood Home mattress collection shows the commitment of the brand to ensure quality sleep for different types of sleepers.

The bouncier feel of the latex mattress models in this collection is matched with the soft but sturdy construction of the bed, made of natural latex that provides a plush yet supportive surface. This type of mattress is ideal for delicate backs and those grappling with pressure points, offering protection through the customized levels of the mattresses to suit different kinds of sleepers. The latex mattresses come with the CertiPUR-US seal to ensure healthy, hypoallergenic, and safe contents to avoid any issues of initial gas emission or off-gassing. Some of the mattress models in this category include the Mirador medium-plush mattress, the medium-firm Palmetto, and Solano model with firm feel comfort level.
The contouring sleep surface of the mattress models in this group is one of the highlighted features of the products by Brentwood Home. The mattresses are made from gel memory foam materials that conform to the shape and contour of the body, delivering that cradling support for well-protected pressure points and joints. The highly responsive mattresses offer cushioned support that is ideal for side and lightweight sleepers with popular models such as the Sequoia mattress with the medium-firm feel and the medium feel level Coronado and Sierra mattress models.
Superior support is what the mattress models in this category are all about, with the well-crafted spring hybrid beds also designed to last for several years. The hybrid mattresses in the collection are mainly made from a blend of individually wrapped pocketed coil springs and the latest and CertiPUR-US approved gel memory foam. The Oceano Mattress with Medium Plush feel is one of the top choices in this category along with the medium-feel Del Mar and firm-feel Avalon mattress models. These mattress types are made for ideal back and edge support from the mattresses’ high-density base support foundation.

The original collection of gel mattresses is the classic models that are the first-ever flagship mattresses and inspiration of the newer, more recent mattress models today. Brentwood Home introduces the Bamboo Gel 13 with a medium feel, the medium-firm bamboo Gel 11, the Plush Bamboo Gel 10, and Bamboo Gel 9 mattress with firm feel comfort level. Mattresses in this collection are the most affordable in the entire brood of mattress models from the brand.
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Popularity of the Brand

Brentwood Home is a fairly popular choice of mattress beds with a steady customer base that highly prefers the more affordable or mid-range mattress models from the brand. It is a sought-after mattress of choice with various reviews and ratings to choose as reference online.

Durability of Brentwood Home Mattresses

Brentwood Home mattresses are all over the price scale with different mattress models that have their own construction types and materials to determine their overall durability. The bedding brand basically offers affordable, mid-range to high-end mattress models with their distinct level of longevity and resilience. The latex and memory foam mattress models from the collection are the most resilient and longer lasting while spring and classic mattresses are not that reliable especially when it comes to sagging or edge support issues.

Price Segments

Different mattress models and types have their corresponding price rates, with Classic and Spring Mattresses at the most affordable part of the price scale. Gel memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses are in the mid-range to more expensive price segments, making Brentwood Home an ideal choice for all types of budget.

Most Successful Mattress Models

Check out the top 3 mattress models by Brentwood Home:

Gel Memory Foam 13-Inch Bamboo Mattress

The queen-sized mattress is made from gel memory foam mattresses with body conforming features that offer greater pressure alleviation and proper alignment and support of the spine through its customized medium feel comfort level.

The USA-made mattress model eliminates motion transfer for undisturbed sleep and the antimicrobial removable bamboo cover that wicks away moisture for a cooler, sweat-free sleep.

Mirador Natural Latex Mattress

The mattress is composed of the 4-inch top pocket micro coils with Softech features that provide optimal support and comfort for uninterrupted sleep.

The natural latex material passes the Eco-Institut Certification for resilience and pressure relief while making sure the mattress stays fresh and odor-free.

Del Mar Innerspring Mattress

With the 5 Zone independently wrapped coils, the 1-inch Airlux ventilation foam, and 2-inch cooling gel memory foam layers, the mattress gives you that feeling of being at sea, feeling refreshed and cool when you wake up.

Natural latex mattresses are highly regarded for their healthy and eco-friendly materials and the Del Mar model showcases its CertiPUR-US approved design with handcrafted designs of the quilted euro-tops for elegance while maintaining top-notch support.

Other Product Offers

Shopping for bed products from Brentwood Home gives you enormous options to choose from bedding collections of linen quilts and natural pillows, bed sheet sets, latex foam wedges, pillow wedges, and replacement wedge pillow covers. Brentwood Home also offers bedding collections for babies and kids including crib mattresses, changing pads, nursing pillows, loungers, and toddler pillows.

Warranty and Return Policy

All mattress products from Brentwood Home come with a 25-Year Limited Warranty protection against material and factory defects. Customers can also take advantage of the 120-Night Guarantee where you can test the compatibility of the mattress to your sleep requirements and preferences. Requests for return are viable within the trial period and with the proof of purchase for faster, hassle-free transactions.

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