Drive Medical Mattresses Review

Drive Medical: Pressure Prevention Mattresses

drive medicalDrive Medical is one of the up-and-coming bedding authorities with 6 years of history establishing their brand name in the competitive bed product industry. The provider of all medical equipment and supplies has ventured into creating pressure prevention mattresses with a broad line of mattress types including foam and innerspring models, catering to market demands for reliability, value, and quality. With a growing market base, the brand is one of the sought-after names in therapeutic and long-term care beds specifically in the standard mattress category.

Types of Mattresses Offered

The mattress collections under the growing portfolio of standard mattresses from Drive Medical come in two distinct categories:

Optimal support for the back, spine, and other pressure points is the primary goal of this pressure prevention mattress type with a more budget price range, making it highly affordable and preferred among customers with tighter budgets. There are various mattress models under the innerspring category specifically the Flex-Ease™ Innerspring with Firm Support, Extra Firm Spring-Ease™ Innerspring, and the Super Firm Support Ortho-Coil™ Innerspring mattress models. These mattresses have varying comfort levels that cater to different sleep positions, bodyweight, and pressure point issues, all with waterproof covers and foam layers with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The foams also offer satisfactory weight distribution for minimal motion while offering good support to avoid sagging problems for a longer period.

The foam mattress collection is a diverse category as different models have different foam materials and technology integrated into their construction to guarantee pressure-relieving comfort while maintaining a bouncing and plush feel. The selection includes some popular mattress models such as the Institutional Foam Mattress, Cellulose Fiber Mattress, Quick N’ Easy Comfort Mattress, and the Drive Medical 5-Zone Therapeutic Support Mattress. The foam materials used for the mattress models in this category are non-allergenic with antifungal and antibacterial covers, and like the innerspring models, the foam layers are also fluid and waterproof.
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Popularity of the Brand

The Drive Medical brand is not yet a fully established brand when it comes to mattress beds; thus it is still striving to get the attention and preference of mattress buyers. However, the brand is fast-becoming a recommended label for therapeutic, hospital, and home care beds. The debut of the brand in 2000 offers not enough time to build a steady and strong customer base as of yet.

Price Segments

Whether it is innerspring or foam mattress types, Drive Medical models are significantly affordable and cheaper compared to other therapeutic mattress brands on the market. The Innerspring mattresses range from affordable to mid-range while standard foam mattresses are in the lower end of the price scale with more innovative foam materials having average price rates.

Most Successful Mattress Models

The three top-selling and most successful Drive Medical bed type list on the market includes the following:

Quick N’ Easy Drive Medical Comfort Mattress

The homecare foam mattress model delivers utmost care with its select-grade polyurethane foam materials that provide comfort and support that you can usually get from latex rubber but minus the latex allergens.

The mattress highlights its patent-pending ultra-compression technology with low carbon footprint due to minimal off-gassing or initial gas emission while maintaining a quick decompression feature.

The Quick N’ Easy mattress comes with the non-slip bottom along with the 4-corner straps that securely keep the mattress in place while the resilient nylon cover makes it water resistant for convenient use and maintenance.

Spring-Ease™ Innerspring Mattress with Extra Firm Support

The Drive Medical deluxe coil spring mattress highlights two high-density fiber layers with combustion-modified design and antimicrobial and waterproof surfaces for comfortable and hassle-free homecare use.

The multi-layered mattress delivers superior support and cushion that is ideal for people with spinal alignment problems, back issues, and other pressure point complaints that keep them from getting a restful sleep.

5-Zone Therapeutic Support Mattress

The convoluted deluxe foam mattress is layered to provide minimal to no pressure point problems through the high-density and resilient foam base with the firm comfort level.

The zippered high-quality nylon fiber cover is waterproof, durable, and meets the California Flame Retardant Standards for a healthy and safe sleep.

Other Products Offers

Drive Medical is a growing brand that offers a wide range of medical supplies and therapeutic bedding products including standard mattresses and other related bed products. Some of the offered products under the brand include Homecare Beds, Long-Term Care Beds, Bariatric Beds, Bed Rails, Commodes, and Accessories. This brand focuses on hospital or homecare nursing beds that are fully equipped with special designs to cater to a different group of sleepers particularly those that need assistance to get in and out of bed. Bedding accessories from Drive Medical include Length Bed Rails and Head Sections, Assist Poles, Densified Fiber Mattresses, Trapeze, Wall Bumpers, Mattress Covers, Bedside Mats, and Bed Transporters.

Warranty and Return Policy

Based on most distributor and retailer websites for the brand, most Drive Medical standard mattresses come with a 12-month or 1-year Limited Warranty protection, but customers would need to contact the manufacturer for more detailed instructions regarding their product warranty coverage. Same is applied to the return policy of the mattresses which would mainly depend on the seller that you bought the mattress from.

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