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FloBeds: Personally Crafted Mattresses

flobedsFloBeds is a family-owned mattress company with a long history of personally crafting mattresses since 1971, establishing a rather good reputation in the industry especially in the higher end segment of mattress buyers. The company takes pride in creating premium quality mattresses with luxurious yet expensive natural latex materials while there are also models with memory foam contents. As a family-owned business, the brand received various recognitions and accolades for the personal touches they put on each and every collection they create.

Types of FloBeds Mattresses Offered

The FloBeds brand emphasizes 3 main types of mattresses with their special and distinct features that aim for luxuriously comfortable quality sleep:

Made from 100% premium natural Talalay latex, the luxurious mattress features a multi-layer latex core with the cushiony organic euro knit quilted organic cotton blending an accommodating firmness while ensuring a plush sleep surface. This is a personally crafted organic mattress that is designed for pressure relief and luxurious comfort without compromising the responsive and supportive core base. There are 3 subcategories under the Organic Vegan collection namely the Vegan Posture Select with dual layers of natural latex core, the Vegan Natural Deluxe with 3 core layers, and the Posture vZone series that is ideal for side and back sleepers through the combined vZone upper core and 2-core design. The mattress models in this category include the 9-inch Natural Vegan Select, 12-Inch Deluxe, and the 12-inch Vegan vZone.

The Vita Talalay natural latex mattresses have 100% organic and safe materials with pure, safe, and healthy features, gaining it the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification. The multi-layer latex cores are encased with organic euro knit organic quilted cotton wool while the entire mattress construction is designed to offer optimal support and pressure relief. There are 2 mattress models in this niche specifically the natural Vita-Talalay 9-Inch Select and the natural Vita-Talalay 12-inch Deluxe mattresses. All FloBeds mattresses in the collection are personally crafted with the luxurious convoluted layers that combine support and cushiony bouncing feel in one amazing unit.

The premium quality mattress is a combination of Talalay latex, proprietary memory foam, and the organic wool and cotton covers, all layered up to create the customized firmness and softness that different sleepers need. Mattress models in this category include the Natural 9-Inch Memory Select with 2 cores and a topper, the Natural Memory 12-Inch Deluxe with 3 cores and mattress topper, the 12-inch Natural Memory vZone mattress with 3 cores, the vZone core and the mattress topper that creates a breathable and ventilated sleep surface for an ultra-cool good night’s rest.

Popularity of the Brand

FloBeds has a fair to average score when it comes to popularity with quite a few customers looking for the mattress models from the brand for their mattress bed purchase. Potentially due to the high-end and expensive value, the mattress brand is yet to establish a customer retention and loyalty.

Durability of the Products

FloBeds mattresses are made from high-quality and premium materials with superior features and innovative technology integrated into each bed construction, making every unit durable and withstands wear and tear. The high-density and thick base cores along with the multi-layer comfort layers made from natural latex, memory foam, and quilted cotton and wool materials make the mattresses resist body indentation and sagging. These are high-end mattress models thus you can expect a much longer warranty protection as a sign that the mattresses are made to last for decades with proper maintenance and use. The FloBeds mattress beds are also fully equipped with stable and formidable bed bases and foundations to ensure better overall support and edge support while the organic contents assure the mattress’ safety and healthy features while reducing your carbon footprint.

Price Segments

FloBeds mattresses belong to the higher end segments in the price scale with most of the mattress models across different collections offered with quite expensive price tags. The high-end mattress value is due to its premium natural latex materials in Dunlop and Talalay, known for their higher cost due to the rigorous and laborious manufacturing process.

Most Successful Mattress Models

These are three of the most successful mattress models from the brand:

Organic Latex vZone 12-Inch Mattress

The natural Talalay latex mattress showcases the all-natural cotton quilted cover with moisture-wicking and breathable properties for that cooler and more refreshed sleep.

The high-density mattress has adjustable zones to guarantee pressure point relief, especially for the back, shoulders, neck, and hips.

Posture Deluxe Organic Talalay Latex Mattress

The mattress cover features the premium quality 100% organic cotton with euro stretch and quilted knit design while the organic wool topmost layer gives you that bouncing and cushioned feel without sacrificing the firmness and responsive support.

The certified pure product is certified by the Goldilocks Guarantee, allowing you to alter and change your mattress’ firmness level for that customized comfort and support.

Posture Select Natural Talalay Organic Cotton

There are 13 firmness levels to choose from if you want to personalize the comfort scales of your mattress through the adjustable latex cores in multiple layers, making the mattress bed ideal for different types of sleepers.

The organic cotton layer provides luxurious comfort and cushion through the euro knit quilted cover that encases the layers of genuine Mt. Shasta wool, delivering world-class comfort and luxury.

Other Products Offers

Aside from the premium quality FloBeds mattresses, the brand also offers various other mattress types such as kids, custom, and dog beds while customers can also choose from the wide range of adjustable bases and Found’s & Legs. The linen collection is inclusive of the sheets, pillows, mattress toppers, and mattress protectors, all with the premium quality natural Talalay latex content.

Warranty and Return Policy

Different products have varying warranty protection such as the 20-Year Limited Warranty for latex and memory foam beds while Air Core and Flotation Mattresses have their respective warranty coverage as well. The manufacturer also offers the 100-Day money back guarantee with charges on the shipping but a full refund for your purchase price.


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