Habitat Furnishings Review

Habitat Furnishings: Master Bedmakers Since 1994

Habitat Furnishings

Since its debut in the specialty bedding niche in 1994, Habitat Furnishings remains to have a fair to average customer base, continuously establishing its name in the competitive retail bedding industry. The brand highlights its main product categories that introduce pure latex, digital air beds, and pocket coil and latex hybrid mattresses. As an aggressive mattress store in the Internet, Habitat Furnishings diversified its mattress database to include other bed products including bed bases and foundations and pure latex topper pads.

Types of Mattresses Habitat Furnishings Offeres

Habitat Furnishings introduce a product line of different mattress types with unique features and material contents that would boost a better sleep:

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Habitat Furnishings Latex Mattresses

Pure botanical mattresses with organic latex are designed with proprietary formula to give that unique comfort level and softness that you could never find anywhere else with the all-natural cotton cover option if you want a more breathable and plush sleep surface. The pure latex materials have non-chemical contents with hypoallergenic wool for safe and healthy sleep while maintaining its fire barrier standards to pass all federal flammability requirements. There are 3 models that are showcased in this category including the 6-inch, 8-inch, and 9-inch pure latex mattress models.

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Habitat Furnishings Air Beds

The USA-made mattress type comes with a full range of customized adjustability to ensure quality support and protection while the models in this category come with a piston pump for the bed inflation and not any cheap aquarium-style pumps that are being mass-marketed. The air beds are fully encased with the pre-installed bamboo cover with ventilated design to keep you cool and sweat-free as you enjoy a restful night. The digital bed models in the collection include the Ascend, Aloft, and Arise versions, all with their distinct style and features, generally designed for better pressure relief with resilient and firm surfaces that cater to back and stomach sleepers.

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Habitat Furnishings Hybrid Mattresses

The Habitat Regal Tranquility model is the flagship of this collection with luxurious design and premium quality materials including the pocketed coil spring that gives you a buoyant, bouncing, and floating feel while maintaining its precision laser-like pressure point target. The hybrid mattress is designed with proprietary formula to relieve back pain and align the spine at the same time. It also offers the Joma wool insulating layer and the pre-installed organic cover that result in breathable, ventilated sleep all night long.

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Habitat Furnishings Natural Hybrid Mattresses

The all-natural pure latex layer is combined with the high-quality safe foam support layer with CertiPUR-US approval giving you a nontoxic bed with water-based adhesives and hypoallergenic contents. The 2-inch pure latex layer guarantees pressure reduction with a bouncing and buoyant support, boosting the safe and healthy sleep from the wide range of mattress models including the 8-Inch Queen, Twin XL, King, Full, and Cal King hybrids.

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Popularity of the Brand

The product lines of the online mattress store received fair to average reception from customers, however, there are notable criticisms and complaints from a significant number of buyers, thus affecting the overall reputation and popularity of the Habitat Furnishings brand. All in all, the pure latex and luxury bed supplier is still striving to establish a trusted reputation, especially in the high-end mattress niche.

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Durability of the Products

Habitat Furnishings latex, air beds, and hybrid mattresses are high-end models thus you can expect much longer lifespan and warranty protection for the models, given the proprietary formula for the construction and the premium quality latex contents. However, the company has its own share of customer criticism especially with issues such as sagging, noisy springs, and too firm or hard sleep surface, particularly for the non-customizable units. All in all, the pure latex hybrid mattress models are expected to have better durability and resilience with longer lifespan due to the high-density support not just on the sleep surface but the mattress edges as well.

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Price Segments

Just like any other organic latex and hybrid mattresses, Habitat Furnishings collections are expensive and at the higher end of the price scale. There could be rebates or discounts every now and then that could bring down the pricing in mid-range scale but all in all, these luxury beds are not for those with tight budgets.

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Best Habitat Furnishings Mattress Models

Check out the top mattresses by Habitat Furnishings:

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Habitat Pure Latex Hybrid 8-Inch Queen

Offering a more spacious sleep surface, the hand-crafted and US-made pure botanical latex mattress is in between 2 separate CertiPUR-US approved foams that offer a cushy and supportive layer.

The mattress also highlights the signature green piping that embellishes the cotton cover for a polished and seamless finish.

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Habitat Pure Latex Hybrid 8-Inch Cal King

There are no mystery foams in this mattress construction nor are there toxic adhesives as the mattress uses water-based adhesives for safe and healthy sleep all the time.

The 2-inch pure latex layer offers pressure reduction and relief while the pre-installed organic cover maintains a cool surface even after hours of lying down through the ventilated design with airflow regulation.

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Other Products Offers

Habitat Furnishings diversified its portfolio and expanded to other bed products and accessories to cater to the ever-growing and changing needs of its clientele. Some of the bed products from the web mattress store include the alternative mattress beds including the Big & Tall pure latex for heavyweight individuals. The manufacturer also introduces its foundations and bed bases made from euro base steel with an adjustable slat system and storage space efficiency. Habitat Furnishings also offer pure latex topper pads, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, comforters, and other linen collections for different sleep requirements and bed sizes.

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Warranty and Return Policy

Habitat Furnishings mattresses are expensive and high-end mattress models and they are expected to last for years, even decades, with proper use and maintenance. All mattress models have 365-Day Trial Period to test and evaluate the mattress if it is the perfect match for you or otherwise while the 20-Year Limited Warranty protection covers all factory and material defects found on the bed.

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