Ikea Mattress Review

Ikea Mattress: Getting the Best Night’s Sleep, Each and Every Night

ikeaPeople sleep differently, and this is the very foundation of the Ikea mattress brand, offering a wide assortment of mattresses for sleepers to choose from. The brand is one of the trusted names in the furniture and bedding niche but unlike other more popular and sought-after brands, the label is yet to establish a strong and stable foundation in the industry. The Ikea-label sells different mattress types including foam, spring, and latex. Purchasing an Ikea mattress online is different from other brands since you can initially try the mattress in different Ikea stores.

Types of Mattresses Offered

Ikea mattresses come in different forms, styles, and material contents, all have distinct features that would certainly suit different types of sleepers. Here are the different types of mattress the brand offers:

The first category of mattresses under this brand is the foam collection that is subdivided into polyurethane and memory foam types specifically the Meistervick, Minnesund, Mordegal, and the Matrand models. The mattresses have high-quality features that offer support and comfort at the same time and with matching knitted and stretchable moisture-ticking top cover for improved point elasticity and pressure point relief on the back, shoulder, hips, and neck. Most poly foam or memory foam mattresses from the brand are recommended for their high motion isolation to ensure undisturbed sleep while the weight distribution offers less sagging problems over time.

Ikea latex mattress collection is the higher end items of all its mattresses, with hybrid and all-natural latex beds to choose from including the Matrand, Myrbacka, and the Morgongäva natural latex model. Depending on the mattress model, latex beds from Ikea are fully equipped to conform to the different shapes and contours of the body for precision support and pressure relief. The mattress type also comes with a ticking stretchable and knitted top for consistent temperature, minimal heat retention, and that bouncing and plush feeling, depending on the comfort or firmness level you choose.

The innerspring mattress models from Ikea highlights the independently wrapped pocketed springs, known for satisfactory weight distribution for protection from back pains and any undue pressures on the body. The brand’s spring mattresses showcase the maximized air circulation property for hot sleepers, making you feel drier and cooler than the foam and latex mattress types. Some of the popular models in this collection include Holmsbu, Haugesund, Hasvåg, Hjellestad, Haugsvär, and Hesstun.
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Popularity of the Brand

The Ikea brand is a trusted home staple and its mattress collections are not an exception. Of course it’s not that preferred or popular compared to other more established and well-known mattress labels such as Tempurpedic or Simmons but it still has loyal customer throughout the world. There are quite a few online reviews from actual users and owners mainly because those mattresses are mostly offered in retail stores rather online.

Durability of IKEA Mattresses

Ikea mattresses have different durability and resiliency rates, based on the type of materials and construction of the mattress model. For spring mattresses under this label, the mattress models received a low to fair score with some sagging issues and longevity problems especially with models that are regularly used over an extended period of time. Ikea’s foam or memory foam models tend to be excessively soft with some signs of age and wear, particularly forming body impressions and indentations for thinner models. Foam mattresses of Ikea have fair to average scores when it comes to longevity and durability. Latex mattresses have the highest score among the Ikea mattress collections with average to above-average rates, with some issues of compression or body indentation development on the sleep surface. Edge support for latex is not that satisfactory but definitely much better compared to the foam and spring models in the Ikea collection.

Price Segments

One of the most commendable features of the Ikea mattresses is their price and affordability with the foam mattress models the most affordable on the list. Ikea spring beds usually appear in the middle of the price scale while the latex mattress models are the higher ends of the collection but still reasonably priced compared to other brands on the market.

Most Successful Mattress Models

The top 3 most popular and successful mattress models from Ikea include the following:

JÖMNA Medium Gray Spring

The medium-firm spring mattress has a Bonnell or Cross coil spring construction with high-tempered steel materials, providing good body support and pressure point protection. The mattress available only in twin size

The comfort layer for the mattress model contains the non-woven poly foam materials with felt liner and the cotton and polyester ticking top with polyester and viscose fiber wadding.

Minnesund Twin White Foam

The resilient foam offers both comfort and support with its polyurethane foam core, the polyester or viscose and rayon comfort layer, and the ticking cover with fiber wadding features.

The child-proof zipper design of the mattress keeps the foam in place and prevents young children from opening the mattress.

Myrbacka Queen White Latex

The latex hybrid mattress is composed of the thick synthetic latex layer that fully supports the body and contours to its shape for pressure relief and precise protection from morning aches and pains.

The plush comfort layer is composed of the lamb wool filling with a blend of high-resilience polyfoam, fiber wadding rayon, and polyester/viscose materials, offering less heat absorption for hot sleepers.

Other Product Offers

Ikea is one of the most versatile and diversified brands that offer a wide array of different bedding products to match your Ikea mattress including bed linens, duvet cover sets, sheets, and pillows. The brand also offers comforters of all kind from down and feather to polyester to Lyocell variations. There are also bedspreads, blankets and throws, cushions and cushion covers, single beds, loft and bunk beds, headboards, guest beds and daybeds, nightstands, bed storage, and beds with integrated storage systems.

Warranty and Return Policy

All mattresses from Ikea are covered under the 25-Year Limited Warranty including wooden frames, springs in slatted bases, slats, and mattress bases. Ikea also offers the Love It or Exchange It Return Policy where original purchasers could exchange their mattress one time within the 365-days trial period but if you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund with your proof of purchase.

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