Milliard Bedding Review

Milliard Mattresses: Millions of Nights Made Better

milliard beddingThe Milliard Bedding brand is one of the manufacturers of mattress products with special focus on memory foam that is integrated into its tri-fold mattresses, mattress toppers, and other bed products and accessories. The brand is still trying to establish a more stable customer base as the label requires more introduction and exposure to the competitive sleep industry since there are more preferred names in the same category where it belongs but Milliard mattresses are becoming an attractive option especially in the special niche of tri-fold futon beds.

Types of Mattresses Offered

Memory Foam

Milliard mattresses are mainly made from premium quality memory foam materials which are also integrated across its different product variations. The memory foam mattresses mold and contour to the weight and shape of the body and relieve pressure points through creating custom-fit sleep surface for the user. Responsive memory foam beds follow the shape of the body but eventually returns to its original shape once you get out of bed. Milliard guarantees the safety and healthy contents of their memory foam mattresses that are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites with a special construction that avoids or limits allergen build-up.

Tri-Fold Memory Foam Design

Milliard mattresses specifically with the tri-fold design mechanism combine the comfort and luxury of a memory foam bed and the practicality and portability of the tri-fold design feature. Foldable memory foam beds are quite special, and Milliard is the name that has successfully ventured into this particular niche, delivering multi-purpose beds that don’t compromise quality sleep and adequate body support and pressure relief. There are various mattress models under the tri-fold mattress memory foam collection including the folding mattress and sofa bed, 4-inch cot-sized mattress with cover, 4-inch mattress in twin and queen sizes, and the 6-inch memory foam mattress in twin, single, and queen sizes.

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Popularity of the Milliard Bedding

With a neophyte status in the bedding industry, Milliard is still a growing name when it comes to quality memory foam mattresses, but it is establishing a reputation in the foldable bed arena. The brand started in 2009 thus it is still getting fair to average popularity and reception from mattress buyers and patrons in the U.S. and abroad.

Durability of the Product

There is not much to expect from a budget and cheaper mattress bed with memory foam materials and average bed construction. However, Milliard excels in the unique category of tri-fold bed designs. The overall support features of the memory foam beds are fair to good especially with extended use and there may be some sagging or body indentation issues thus mattress models from the brand are not advisable to heavyweight sleepers. Most mattress models from the Milliard collections are significantly thinner compared to other memory foam beds on the market thus the longevity or lifespan of the mattress beds is relatively average, depending on how you use the bed and your level of care and maintenance.

Price Segments

Milliard mattresses usually appear at the lower part of the price scale, making it a budget-friendly and significantly cheaper mattress brand. Various buyers consider the mattress above other similarly cheap brands mainly because of the unique tri-fold mechanism of the mattress models in the Milliard collection.

Most Successful Mattress Models

The top 3 Milliard mattresses with the best-selling features and designs include the following:

6-Inch Ultra-Soft Memory Foam Tri-Fold Twin

The CertiPUR-US approved memory foam mattress highlights the tri-fold design mechanism that neatly folds away for quick and hassle-free storage, making it an ideal temporary sleeping accommodation for guest rooms or a portable bed for areas with limited spaces such as bachelor’s pads and college dorm rooms.

The memory foam construction is composed of the 1.5-inch 3 pounds luxurious memory foam with the 4.5-inch dense foam base layer. The superior high-density construction of the memory foam mattress delivers average support with a responsive surface that does not lose its original shape for an extended period.

The memory foam content offers breathable and ventilated surface that regulates sleep temperature with the boost of the ultra-soft and removable jacquard bamboo cover that keeps the mattress in place with the anti-slip bottom.

Tri-Fold Foam Sofa and Mattress Bed Twin

One of the best-selling convertible sofa and mattress bed in one by Milliard comes with an easily foldable design for quick and fuss-free storage with a space-friendly size or measurement.

The sofa and mattress bed in one also highlights the machine-washable and removable soft cover that allows hassle-free care and maintenance as the multi-purpose mattress is prone to spills, spots, and other damage.

The portable and comfortable mattress bed and sofa are made from high-density foam with CertiPUR-US seal to ensure safe and healthy sleep, minimizing off-gassing issues and allergic reactions or respiratory problems among sensitive sleepers.

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed for Guests or Floor Mat – Queen

With a much thinner and smaller cot size dimension, this memory foam mattress is designed to provide comfortable sleep surface with a body-contouring quality for that plush and convenient sleep.

The portable and lightweight mattress is an ideal option for temporary sleeping solutions especially for unexpected guests or sleepovers or other settings such as dorm rooms, family reunions, traveling, and camping.

The breathable and ventilated memory foam allows cooler sleep with the sleep temperature regulator while maximizing comfort and support through the high-density foam construction that provides average support and less indentation and sagging issues.

Other Products Offers

Milliards deliver complete sleep experience through offering other bedding products and accessories to ensure comfortable and quality sleep all night long. Some of the top-selling products from the brand include the equally recommended and highly preferred mattress toppers made from top quality memory foam. Other products that received a satisfactory reception from customers include the Milliards pillows and cushions, mattress protection, crib mattresses, folding beds, and pet beds.

Warranty and Return Policy

The manufacturer website does not include any detailed information on the warranty protection of the product, but Milliard mattresses could be returned within 30 days of original purchase along with a no questions asked, money back guarantee.

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