Naturepedic Mattressses Review

Naturepedic: For Safe and Healthy Sleep

NaturepedicNaturepedic is the organic mattress and natural bedding manufacturer that puts emphasis on safety and health for quality, good night’s rest through GOTS-certified mattresses. With a stable position in the mattress industry, the reputable brand is dedicated to creating quality organic products that are constructed by Amish craftsmen. There are various organic mattress collections with diversified mattress models that are made from all-latex or latex and innerspring hybrid materials.

Types of Mattresses Offered

Naturepedic offers organic latex and micro coil innerspring hybrid mattresses with a unique design and features highlighting its construction and materials across several product lines.

Latex and Encased Coil Hybrid Mattresses

Naturepedic offers a broad range of mattresses with the organic latex quality content that highlights pressure point relief and optimal support for the back and spinal alignment. Latex is an all-natural and natural byproduct from the processed and manufactured rubber tree sap, featuring hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant properties to ensure safe and healthy sleep all night long. The brand takes pride in its GOTS-certified mattresses and manufacturing process, to create breathable and ventilated foam materials to keep you cool and sweat-free, no matter how long you stay in bed. The encased coil spring technology and the high-density micro coils are integrated into the mattress designs for durable full body support and contouring benefits while resisting body indentations and impressions as well as sagging over an extended period. The micro-coils are designed to dissipate heat as well as evenly distribute weight to ensure uninterrupted sleep, making the Naturepedic mattresses the ideal couple’s beds.

Some of the highly preferred mattress models with latex and innerspring hybrid construction that are spread throughout the Naturepedic collections include the Chorus Organic Mattresses in Twin to California King sizes, the Luxury Series including the Symphony, Concerto, and Quartet Organic Luxury Mattresses. Other sought-after models include the EOS Organic Mattress Sleep System and Essential Organic.

Popularity of the Brand

Naturepedic is an established name in the high-end organic mattress niche, but it is not as popular as other premium mattress manufacturers in the industry. The brand does have a stable and average customer base. However, the Naturpedic crib mattresses, toppers, pillows, and other bed accessories have wider acceptance compared to the expensive Naturepedic organic mattress collections.

Durability of the Products

Naturepedic mattresses are mid-range to high-end mattresses with premium quality organic latex contents blended with the patented coil spring technology that is continuously developed by the manufacturer. The mattresses are average to above average in rating when it comes to durability and resilience with guaranteed longevity and decades of satisfactory use through the tough high-density latex layer and patented innerspring design. The mattress models have longer lifespan especially with proper maintenance and care, however, compared to other brands, Naturepedic may have sagging issues and coil problems after years of use and subjection to too much weight or pressure. All in all, the high-end organic mattress, is a good quality mattress yet it is preferable to those who can afford the rather expensive cost.

Price Segments

The expensive and high-end mattresses made from organic latex and proprietary micro coils belong to the top segment of the price scale, with smaller sized Twin models potentially at the mid-range value while California King latex and coil spring hybrids are the most expensive. The pricing of the Naturepedic organic latex mattresses may also depend on the series or collection they belong to as Luxury Series models are significantly more expensive compared to other models across other collections.

Most Successful Naturepedic Mattress Models

Check out the most successful organic latex models by Naturepedic brand:

Chorus Organic Quilted Queen

The mattress construction highlights the 8-inch ventilated pocketed coil support and the 1.5-inch micro-coils that compose the high-density base support layer, offering full body conformity and comfort even with a lightweight polyester fabric cover. The mattress layer introduces movement isolation for undisturbed sleep while promoting balanced support as well as proper spinal and postural alignment.

The PLA comfort layer with the quilted design is the plush and soft layer that gives you that luxuriously bouncing finish without sacrificing pressure relief and back support. On top of the layer is the organic wool batting that ensures moisture-wicking quality and temperature regulation.

Classic 2-in-1 Organic Twin Waterproof Crib Mattress

The US-made organic latex mattress features the certified organic cotton fabric that maintains the cool and regulated temperature through the minimized heat retention from the fabric cover as well as the breathable latex core that creates better airflow. The organic latex layer is safe, healthy, and hypoallergenic because of its chemical-free feature, preventing any allergic reactions or respiratory issues due to off-gassing.

The coil spring micro-coil support system provides a much stronger edge support to avoid sagging, sinking, or falling off the corners or edges of the bed.

1-Sided Deluxe Organic Twin Quilted

The mid-range mattress is one of the more affordable mattress models in the Naturepedic collection, featuring the organic cotton filling and fabric that creates a healthy and safe sleep surface made from US-grown and certified natural cotton materials.

The innerspring coil support layer is designed to provide adequate body support and protection for pressure points so that you wake up without pains and aches while the temperature regulating design dissipates heat and lets you sleep cool and comfortable all night long.

Other Products Offered

Naturepedic offers other high-end and premium quality bed products including pads and toppers, sheets and pillows, adjustable bed bases, and alternative mattress collections for babies and toddlers. These bed accessories and products are also integrated with proprietary design as well as the all-natural latex and cotton materials for better sleep minus the chemicals.

Warranty and Return Policy

Naturepedic high-end mattresses come with varying warranty protection for different products in their collection, but all luxury organic mattress models have up to 20-Year Limited Warranty covering factory and material defects. The Return Policy for different collections may vary from 30 to 120 days money back guarantee.

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