Olee Sleep Review

Olee SleepGrantec International is the manufacturer of Olee Sleep mattresses with more than 34 years of manufacturing and R&D experience, creating spring and foam mattresses and other bedding products. The brand is a well known name in the sleep industry, aiming to become the premier innovator that boosts the sleep experience of its global customers. Olee Sleep is one of the brands that allows customization so that you can personalize the sleeping surface and design of your own bed.

Types of Olee Sleep Mattresses

It offers 2 main types of mattresses with their innovative safety features that is a trademark of an Olee Sleep bed:

Air Memory Foam Mattresses

Olee Sleep memory foam mattresses are created with contents that improve the air flow of the surface for cooler sleep through moisture-wicking and reduced heat retention technology. Olee Sleep boasts of the most resilient design of their mattress, something that other ordinary memory foam beds do not have. There are 8 layers of premium quality foams in every mattress containing the Duraflex HD Foam, Dura Pocket Spring, another Duraflex HD Foam, Duraflex Memory Foam, Dura-Gel, the second layer of Dura Memory Foam, and the premium fiber padding with jacquard design. Some of the popular mattress models in the memory foam category are the 10-Inch Aquarius Blue and Gray, 12-Inch Noblesse, 6-Inch Saturn, 6-Inch Ventilation Memory Foam, 8-Inch Solar Memory Foam, and 9-Inch Luna Memory Foam.

Spring Mattresses

The innerspring mattress collection from Olee Sleep is designed to create a contouring effect on the body through providing the ultimate back and edge support through the tempered coil spring technology and the fabric padding cover that encases the spring mattress. This hybrid mattresses  are a blend of materials such as the tempered steel coil layer that is on top of the luxurious memory foam layer for sleepers that want something soft but no back or pressure pains in the morning. The individually encased steel also offers weight distribution and protection of pressure points such as the neck, hips, back, and shoulders while reducing motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep all night long. There are various mattress models in this collection including the Milk Way 10-Inch Tight Top, Omega Hybrid 10-Inch Spring, 11-Inch Hybrid Innerspring, 12-Inch Pegasus, 13-Inch Galaxy, and 8-Inch Libra mattress.

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Popularity of the Brand

Olee Sleep mattresses enjoy a good to an average customer base with consistent standing in the bedding niche mainly because of the affordability of its product lines. The brand is sought-after particularly in the budget mattress category where customers want a cheaper model with decent quality for years of use.

Durability of the Products

Olee Sleep mattresses are cheap and budget mattresses and you can expect fair to average durability and longevity with the mattress models you choose from this brand. The innerspring or hybrid mattresses do have some sagging issues especially when the mattresses are subjected to too much weight or load over an extended period of time, with possibilities of protruding, breaking, or loosening coils. Edge support is fair to good but it could be improved with a formidable or stable bed frame foundation to avoid falling off the edges of the bed when you sit or sleep near the corners. There could also be issues of noisy springs and possible motion disturbance or heating problems while the memory foam models may have a longer lifespan compared to the spring foam models but initial off-gassing could be a pressing issue.

Price Segments

The Olee Sleep brand offers really affordable and cheap mattresses that range up to $$$ level and the top-selling mattress models belong to the lower end of the in the price scale.

Most Successful Mattress Models

Check out the top 3 best selling and most successful mattress models:

13-Inch Hybrid Innerspring Gel Infused Memory Foam

The mattress introduces the 5-star Luxurious Comfort through combining the cool i-gel memory foam and the innerspring base with independently pocketed coil springs for that ventilated sleep surface and back support that creates a bouncing yet responsive feel.

The 7.5-inch Dura spring base promotes spine alignment, pressure point relief, and back support through combining the premium head to toe coil construction that ensures durability and stability while providing motion absorption for undisrupted sleep.

10-Inch Memory Foam Aquarius

Olee Sleep  10-Inch Memory Foam Aquarius mattress highlights the gel infusion to the memory foam, boosting its air flow with the new eco-friendly technology that regulates proper temperature on the sleep surface, making it a great option for those who sleep warm.

The layers of high-density memory foam and the different comfort levels cater to different body weights and maintain the body’s shape and contour through the body-hugging and conforming memory foam for the best pain-free sleep all night long.

9-Inch Multi-Layered iGel Memory Foam Luna

The mattress construction highlights the 3.5-inch high-density convoluted foam layer with breathable and ventilated design, the 2.5-inch ILD 29lbs foam for body support and weight dispersion, 1-inch Dura Cool for temperature sensitivity, 1-inch memory foam with body-conforming features, and 1-inch HD foam back support.

The premium quality iGel memory foam mattress not only keeps you cool all night, it also supports the body weight and evenly distributes it to relieve pressure on the hips, shoulders, feet, and neck.

Other Products Offers

Olee Sleep offers other sleep products and accessories to ensure quality rest and optimal sleep experiences such as platform bed frames, toppers, pillows, and other bed frame options. Bed toppers are some of the most popular products from the brand along with the ventilated and conforming memory foam pillows.

Warranty and Return Policy

All mattress models by Olee Sleep are created to last thus each unit is protected and covered against certain material or product defects for a 10-Year period from the date of original purchase. Customers could also keep in touch with the manufacturer or the distributor from which they purchased the unit for more detailed return policy.

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