Savvy Rest Review

Savvy Rest: Creating Organic Mattresses for Healthy Sleep

Savvy RestAs the front-runner in the growing natural and organic mattress industry, Savvy Rest has established a leadership status quo in its chosen niche, creating organic mattresses and welcoming innovations along the way. With a reputable and trusted background, the mattress brand continuously come up with new mattress models with organic latex or hybrid features and collections that cater to all types of sleepers that require luxurious comfort without sacrificing support for an ache-free, rejuvenated morning.

Types of Mattresses Offered

There are 2 main types of mattresses that are created through the Savvy Rest tradition of luxury and support:

Latex Mattresses

The layered natural latex mattresses contain materials that are known for their safe and healthy properties including hypoallergenic and dust mite resistance. There are different collections of certified organic latex mattresses under the Savvy Rest brand, all with their distinct qualities and features to balance support and luxurious comfort in one mattress model. Mattresses may have either Talalay or Dunlop latex layers or a combination of both latex variations and the good thing about these mattress models is that you can customize your kind of comfort level, allowing you to have different firmness or softness on either side of the bed. Mattress models in this collection are spread out to 4 sub-categories or collections namely the Serenity, Unity Pillowtop, Pastoral, and Tranquility Series.

Hybrid Mattresses

Savvy Rest introduces the brand’s respond to the traditional innerspring mattress through its Simple Fit™ organic mattresses that are more economical and budget-friendly than the pure latex construction. The mattress models in the Earthspring™ collection offer nontoxic and safe mattresses without too much emphasis on the customized firmness while maintaining quality support through the blend of innerspring technology into the mattress. This type of mattress is quite ideal and highly recommended for growing children with the likes of 9-Inch Soft Dunlop Bonnell Recycled-Steel Spring mattress model in its collection.

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Popularity of the Brand

The Savvy Rest brand enjoys a stable and growing customer base in the U.S. and abroad with thousands of loyal customers looking for mattress toppers and pillows as the top-selling product collections from the manufacturer. The high-end mattresses by Savvy Rest are quite popular but only for those who can afford products in this specific price segment as most Savvy Rest models are apparently expensive except for the mid-range innerspring hybrid organic mattress models.

Durability of Savvy Rest Mattresses

With 2 decades of warranty protection, the Savvy Rest natural latex organic mattresses are no doubt durable and could last for decades especially with proper use and care. The high-density Dunlop or Talalay latex layers are designed for guaranteed longevity while maintaining the condition and quality of the mattress beds. Durability, however, is significantly different between mattress types as the innerspring hybrid mattresses have a shorter lifespan, warranty protection, and resilience, given its coil spring construction and recycled-steel spring materials. Overall, Savvy Rest is a high-end mattress that offers great value for your money with its capacity to last for years even when subjected to various wear and tear factors such as weight and pressure.

Price Segments

Savvy Rest organic mattresses are quite expensive thus are positioned at the higher end of the price scale while the hybrid mattress with the innerspring design is significantly more affordable with a mid-range cost. The pricing of the mattress beds from Savvy Rest would mainly depend on the overall materials used and construction of the unit.

Most Successful Mattress Models

The top-selling, popular, and most successful Savvy Rest mattress models are:

Serenity Natural Talalay Latex 10″ Queen

The Serenity mattress collection is the flagship of the brand’s natural organic latex and the models can be customized to cater to the preference of the sleeper, personalizing the sleep surface to combine Soft, Medium, and Firm comfort levels on each or either sides of the bed.

The organic wool fill and the sturdy organic cotton casing with quilted design promote drier, cooler, and luxuriously comfortable sleep while offering support and reliable edge support when the mattress is placed on a rigid platform bed, slatted foundation or platform bed insert.

Natural Innerspring Earthspring™ Mattress 9″

The innerspring variation is the affordable side of the high-end Savvy Rest mattress brand highlighting the recycled-steel Bonnell spring coil construction and the 3” Dunlop natural latex with the soft comfort level.

Although non-customizable, the coil spring mattress bed can still offer the luxury cushion for side sleepers or lightweight individuals through the quilted organic casing that covers the organic wool batting without sacrificing the support from the innerspring layer.

Natural Latex Tranquility Mattress 7″

Ideal for small adults and children, the natural latex 6” mattress is quite similar to the Serenity mattress but with the 3-inch natural latex layer, the density that is advisable for toddler beds, bunk beds, and individuals who prefer a quite firm sleep surface.

The natural latex content is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making it a great option for individuals who have sensitive skin or with respiratory allergies and would prefer a mattress with no off-gassing issues.

Other Products Offers

Savvy Rest offers other high-end bed products and accessories such as the organic sofas with elegant style and all-natural materials, Crib or Baby Beds with the patented Savvy Baby™ collection for a nontoxic and safe infant or toddler mattress, and organic bedding from mattress pads to organic sheets and allergy covers. The mattress brand is also highly preferred for its best-selling organic pillows that match all sleeper types and other product categories including organic pet beds, foundations, swatches, and platform beds.

Warranty and Return Policy

There are varied warranties applicable to different mattress types and other bed products by Savvy Rest such as the 20-Year Limited Warranty that covers the Tranquility, Unity Pillowtop, and Serenity mattresses as well as the Harmony toppers. Customers can take advantage of the 90-Day Latex Exchange where you can create the perfect mattress and have your purchased unit exchanged within the trial period if you feel that you want a different comfort level.


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