Sealy Mattress Reviews

Sealy Mattresses: The Right Brand for Your Sleep Needs

SealyWith a reputation that was built over 130 years, Sealy is undoubtedly one of the top most trusted names in the mattress industry, offering numerous mattress types for all your sleep needs and preferences. Traditional innerspring, gel memory foam, gel latex foam, and hybrid mattresses by Sealy are some of the product lines you can look at.

Types of Sealy Mattresses Offered

Sealy makes 4 different kinds mattresses that cater to different sleep positions, weight, and other sleep requirements:

The Sealy memory foam collection offers support, comfort, and value for the money, all to ensure quality sleep and rest through the body-conforming effects of the memory foam. The high-density gel memory foam support layer embraces the body with the Polycore support system that delivers proper spinal and body alignment as well as resists compression. There are popular and sought-after mattress models from this category such as the Posturepedic Optimum Inspiration Gold, Optimum Radiance Gold, Comfort Revolution, and the 14-inch Foam Mattress in size king.
The traditional Sealy innerspring mattresses offer unmatched support to ensure no back pains while aligning the spine and protecting the pressure points. The technologically advanced mattresses deliver superior durability and comfort through the innovative steel alloy coils that are integrated into the construction of each and every mattress models in this category. The innerspring series boasts of the Sealy Stability™ Coil with twice-tempered coil springs that are individually encased for reduced motion transfer and undisturbed sleep. The SOLIDEGE™ System gives superior edge support for the innerspring mattresses to maximize the usable bed surfaces. Some models in the collection include the Sealy Posturepedic Drakesboro, Calvert City, and Ashwood Grove.

The Gel Latex Series by Sealy is one of the higher end models in the overall mattress collection, offering the traditional memory foam body-hugging design while the latex layer gives it a more “pushback” support. The 2-inch OptiCool® technology is combined with the OUTLAST® design that effectively removes excess heat for a cooler and more breathable sleep surface. The 1-4-inch OptiSense® premium latex contours to the unique weight and shape of the body maintaining a responsive feel that lifts the body more and prevents a sinking or sagging sensation. Underneath the comfort layers are the 7-inch OptiCore™ base layer with a firmer section for that deep level support system. Mattress models from the Optimum™ Series have gel latex contents with premium quality features.

Premier hybrid mattresses from the Sealy let you enjoy the best of both support and comfort with the half spring, half foam construction, complete with the premium cover fabric that ensures minimal to no heat retention to keep you cool all night long. The Sealy Mattresses feature different technologies including the Zoned Sealy Embrace™ that introduces the encased coil system for exceptional and precision support while the cooling gel memory foam layer conforms to the body shape for reduced motion transfer. Mattress models in this collection include the Posturepedic Copper, Cobalt, 10.5-inch Posturepedic Hybrid, and Gold Ultra Plush.
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Popularity of the Brand

Sealy Mattresses have an established and trusted reputation in the bedding industry with more than 130 years of expertise and experience. Sealy is one of the most reputable brands with loyal customers that highly prefer the label that also boasts of numerous accolades, awards, and US patents.

Durability of the Products

Mattress models from the Sealy are integrated with high-quality materials with over a century of experience and expertise in the mattress-making niche. Sealy Mattresses are durable especially the higher end models such as those in the Gel Latex and Hybrid series. Compared to cheaper and budget mattress models, the branded collections are infused with tried and true technology for content and resilience including the superior edge support design for the innerspring and memory foam hybrid series while the more affordable innerspring mattresses have average to above average longevity and lifespan.

Price Segments

Sealy Mattresses have a diverse price range from affordable innerspring mattresses that belong to the mid-range scale to the most expensive gel memory foam specifically the high-end Elation Gold and Inspiration collections from the Optimum Series.

Most Successful Mattress Models

Check out the top 3 top-selling and most successful mattress models:

Posturepedic Drakesboro 10.5-Inch Queen

The innerspring mattress features the 2.5-inch SolidEdge HD System support that creates a superior edge support system to maximize the function, resilience, and usability of the bed surface.

The Sealy Embrace Coil highlights the tempered independently encased coil springs that offer increased support in order to reduce motion transfer for an undisturbed good night’s sleep.

Posturepedic Hybrid Copper Queen

The OUTLAST® technology that is integrated into the mattress surface promotes airflow and ventilation from the fabric cover resulting in superior temperature regulation for a cooler sleep all night long.

The hybrid combination of individually wrapped coil spring and gel-infused memory foam makes the mattress ideal for body support and pressure point protection while giving that bouncing and cuddly feel.

Posturepedic Optimum Radiance Queen

The ideal couple’s bed features the thick profile with a superior motion-absorbing design from the gel memory foam layer so that you can get in or out of bed without interrupting your partner.

The double OUTLAST® Fabric Cover delivers superior thermal regulation and moisture-wicking qualities with a technology that is far better than its first generation counterpart.

Other Products Offers

Sealy offers other bedding products such as the patented Sealy adjustable bases that allow customization of the gel foam mattress into different shapes and levels so that you can transform your mattress into a purely relaxing seat or bed. Other product collections include dog beds, crib mattresses, and down alternative beddings.

Warranty and Return Policy

The US-made Sealy Mattresses are protected by a 10-Year Limited Warranty with 100 Night Trial Period while customers that don’t think the mattress model they purchased is their best match could return the product without any fees or return charges.

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