Serta Mattresses Review

Serta Mattresses: Always Comfortable

sertaSerta is one of the most established and popular brands in the bedding industry with a history of over 80 years of experience and passion. Serta Mattresses are not just sold in the U.S. but it is proudly a leading mattress brand in more than hundred countries all around the world. The brand proudly offers its mattress collections including the Serta Perfect Sleeper, iComfort, and Sertapedic, with other new and exclusive mattress models that are featured every now and then.

Types of Mattresses Offered

The Serta brand offers the 3 main mattress types that cater to different sleepers with unique and varying needs:

The innerspring mattress collection from the brand is spread out to its various collections, offering quality comfort and optimal support with the tried and true steel coil system that gives sleepers the innovative feel and look for a traditional mattress. The innerspring mattress models have the firm and supportive feel with high-density base core layers that are designed to avoid any issues of sagging for a considerable amount of time. The mattresses also have satisfactory back and edge support that is much better than other innerspring models from different brands. Some of the mattress models in this category include the ProEnergy Elite Super Pillow Top, Private Luxury with Euro Top design, Reedsworth Elite, and Vibrancy Elite.
With advanced memory foam with gel-infused materials, the memory foam collection from Serta is the ideal solution especially for that body-conforming feel and plush bouncing cushion. The mattress models have all-foam high-density support cores for that firm and formidable base while the memory foam comfort layer contours and molds to the unique shapes and weights of the sleepers. Different models have their distinct comfort levels so there’s an ideal mattress for everyone with well-known models such as Howerton Foam, Killingsworth Foam, F700, F300, and F500 SmartSupport, Prodigy III, and Savant III Plush.
The Serta Mattresses in this category combine the advanced gel-infused memory foam materials with the innovative innerspring system that showcases the independently wrapped steel coil construction. The mattress models are ideal solutions for sleepers who want to enjoy the best of both worlds, mainly the bouncing and soft feel of the responsive gel memory foam and the advanced support of the innerspring technology. Some of the hybrid mattress selections include the HB700 and HB700Q SmartSupport™, HB500S and HB500Q SmartSupport™, HB300Q SmartSupport™ Cushion Firm, Visionaire Plush, Philosopher Firm, Advisor Pillow Top, Recognition, Observer, Applause, and the Expertise model with super pillow top design.
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Popularity of the Brand

The Serta brand is one of the most popular, established, and trusted in the bedding industry with a large market base of loyal and satisfied customers. Customers highly prefer Serta Mattresses specifically its therapeutic collections that could be found in the mid-range and higher end price brackets, giving the brand a more stable standing in its niche.

Durability of the Product

The Serta brand is one of the most trusted bed and mattress manufacturers in the industry and the company boast of its award-winning mattresses that meet and exceed industry requirements and standards for resilience and durability. The hybrid mattress models are known to have the longest lasting lifespan among the Serta Mattresses across the board. The mattress models in this collection have proven strength and edge support to withstand different loads and weights that the bed will be subjected to over a period of usage time. The gel-infused memory foam layers are designed to create a comfortable sleep surface without causing body indentations such as holes on the areas where you sleep. Nevertheless, the mattress models, specifically innerspring beds, may still have problems especially with years of use, depending on how you use and care for your mattress bed which could also determine its longevity.

Price Segments

Serta Mattresses often appear at the mid-range to high-end segments of the price scale with more expensive models showcasing more features and designs for support and comfort. Although there are also more affordable models, the mid-range, and high-end types more frequently get the attention and preference of most customers.

Most Successful Serta Mattresses

The top 3 most successful and bestselling mattress models by Serta include the following:

Serta Queen Gel Memory Foam Mattress 12″

The Serta revolutionary gel memory foam mattress highlights the 3-layer construction that includes the 2 ½-inch gel memory foam, 2 ½-inch ActivAir foam, and the 7-inch high-density base support foam. Different layers provide comfort, pressure relief, and lasting durability and support.

The US-made mattress provides superior weight distribution for better motion absorption while keeping you cooler longer.

Perfect Sleeper Queen Innerspring Super Pillow Top

The innerspring mattress introduces the continuous support coil spring technology with reinforced edge for undisturbed sleep with no back or pressure pains in the morning.

The Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam wicks the moisture and heat away from the body, promoting balanced and satisfactory sleep temperature.

iComfort Savant III Queen Plush

The extra-thick EverFeel® Triple Effects ™ memory foam with gel-infused features offer a luxurious feel while ensuring advanced back and body support for a restful sleep.

The body-conforming technology is combined with the cool and ventilated sleep surface to keep you cool and comfortable especially if you sleep hot after several hours.

Other Products Offers

Serta is not just making exclusively remarkable mattresses with aesthetic and therapeutic features because there are other products available from the brand including pillows, blankets and sheets, bed frames and adjustable foundations, and mattress protectors. The company also offers other mattress variations such as crib mattresses, pet beds, and baby accessories.

Warranty and Return Policy

Serta Mattress are designed with quality and durability so that customers can enjoy their mattress beds for a year, thus the Serta Quality Assurance Program subjects each and every mattress under a rigorous and stringent testing and quality control. Product warranty depends on the mattress model you choose, varying from 10 to 15 Years Limited Warranty protection. For more detailed information on return policy and warranty, customers are advised to contact the manufacturer or keep in touch with your Serta authorized retailer.

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