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Signature Sleep: Sleep Soundly, Dream in Comfort

Signature SleepSignature Sleep is a trusted and well-known mattress brand with sought-after models that have garnered the approval and loyalty of many customers over the years. The prominent name in the bed-making industry introduces some of the most affordable yet high-quality memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid beds in different Signature Sleep collections.

Types of Signature Sleep Mattresses Offered

There are 3 main types of mattresses with their distinct features and qualities that you can find in the Signature Sleep’s collections:

The coil spring mattresses in the basic Signature Sleep collection are designed with the tempered steel coils with a varying gauge to cater to different comfort level preference. They showcase the responsive coil mattress layer that protects the different pressure points of the body, ensuring pain-free and ache-free mornings. All coil spring beds are also designed with the CertiPUR-US approved foam comfort layer with quilted covers to have that soft and plush effect while maintaining the bouncing and springy feel of the spring. The mattress models in the collection include the 6-Inch Coil Basic Plus, Essential 6-Inch Reversible Coil in white and black, Contour 8” Independently-Encased Coil with a reversible design, and the Sunrise 10” 5-Zone Conforma Coil mattress selections.
One of the most diverse collections under the Signature Sleep brand is the memory foam collection with a wide assortment of mattresses including the Aura 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Luxury, Memoir Memory Foam in 10-Inch and 12-Inch variations, 10” Inspire Memory Foam and Freedom 6-Inch Memory Foam. The body-hugging and conforming memory foam beds have gel-infused designs that offer just the right support for the back and other pressure points including the neck, shoulders, and hips. The memory foam comfort layer is also showcased with the breathable and ventilated feature complete with the airflow technology so that sleepers enjoy staying cool and sleeping comfortably all night long while the CertiPUR-US seal ensures a safe and healthy sleep.
The hybrid mattresses blend the superior support of the individually encased pocketed coil spring and the luxuriously soft memory foam comfort layer to come up with the mattress that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. Hybrid Signature Sleep mattresses are good quality mattress beds that have premium support from the innovative coil spring technology, adding more years to the longevity of the bed while the cushioned memory foam layer makes it an ideal sleep surface with the reduced motion transfer property for uninterrupted sleep. Since the mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, there is a promise of minimal to no off-gassing and initial gas emission issues while the durable, independent pocketed springs help prevent sagging for an extended period. Hybrid mattress models include the 14-Inch Justice, Signature 13-Inch Pillow Top, Contour 10-Inch, and Silhouette 8-Inch Memory Foam Coil Spring.
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Popularity of the Brand

The Signature Sleep label is one of the most popular and highly preferred mattress brands in the industry today with millions of users putting the mattress brand on their priority list mainly because of its affordability and the decent quality of the mattress beds.

Durability of the Products

The budget to mid-range mattresses has fair to average durability and resilience depending on the bed model you are dealing with. There are also certain factors that could hasten the appearance of wear and tear on the mattress especially if you put too much weight or pressure on the surface which could show over time. Some of the most prominent issues in connection with the innerspring coil mattress models are the eventual sagging and noise that the spring will make especially with years of use. There are potential edge support issues specifically with mattresses that are not used with proper formidable bed frames or foundations to support the unit. Depending on the thickness or density of the mattress and the weight of the user, the memory foam models may show body indentations or impressions over time while coil spring models may have problems with protruding, loosening, or breaking springs.

Price Segments

Signature Sleep mattresses belong to the lower end to mid-range positions on the price scale, making the bed collections affordable and ideal for those with a tight budget but still want to have a decent mattress that would work for years. Some memory foam and basic coil spring models are quite cheap while the hybrid mattresses may be costlier but are still reasonably priced given its mid-range cost in the overall price scale.

Most Successful Mattress Models

Check out the 3 most successful and popular models:

Contour 8″ Independent Pocketed Coil

The 7-inch coil spring base layer highlights the independently encased spring that offers weight distribution for pressure relief and quality back support.

The CertiPUR-US approved foam cushions the body from the firm coil layer with the hypoallergenic and odorless sleep surface.

Memoir Memory Foam 12″

The foam construction showcases 8.5 inches of high-density foam and 3.5 inches of memory foam blended together for that body-hugging and supportive sleep surface.

The soft knitted fabric cover helps you sleep cool through boosting the ventilated and breathable memory foam layer underneath the covers.

Essential Coil 6″

The basic coil spring bed is one of the most affordable in the bunch but would still give you a decent sleep, thanks to its1-inch foam layer that embraces the body for that plush feeling.

The coil spring layer supports the body specifically the back while protecting the pressure points so that you wake up without neck pains, shoulder pains, and the severe aches around your hips area.

Other Products Offers

Signature Sleep also delivers other affordable and quality bed products and alternative mattresses such as Youth Mattresses, Folding Guest Beds, Foundations, Pillow Collections, Sofa Sleepers, and Furniture.

Warranty and Return Policy

Signature Sleep mattresses come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty protection that includes repair or replacement of broken, protruding, and loose mattress wires as well as significant body indentations and sagging during normal wear. Customers are advised to contact the Signature Sleep customer service for the return policy and trial period details.

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