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Classic Brands Advantage Hybrid Mattress

Classic Brands Advantage Hybrid Mattress is one of the promising names in the spring hybrid bed niche made by the reputable manufacturer of bedding and mattresses with more than four decades of experience. The US-based mattress maker offers its rendition of coil innerspring mattress with features that are designed for firm support and comfort.

Every day is full of surprises and most of the time, the stress you experience could take its toll on you, leaving you all drained of energy and fatigued. You need a good night’s rest because you have to recharge for another day ahead and that’s where a good quality bed can do magic.

Features of Classic Brands Advantage Hybrid Mattress

Foam Layer & Innerspring Coils

User satisfaction score
84 %

The profile of the 8-inch innerspring Advantage mattress from Classic Brands includes 8 inches of wrapped coil steel innerspring and these coil springs are independently encased in individual pockets. The purpose of the separate encasements or pockets is for motion transfer to ensure that there is reduced to no disturbance when there’s movement on the other side of the mattress.

The layering foam is beautifully knitted and quilted with a breathable cover for a cool and ventilated sleep all night long. It also ensures the plush and soft layer to match the firm yet bouncing innerspring surface. The support base of this coil spring mattress contours to the weight and shape of the body also protects the pressure points and guarantee ache-free morning. The fabric cover minimizes friction and provides added cushion and responsive support.

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Quality of Materials/Durability

User satisfaction score
84 %

The materials used for the construction of the hybrid innerspring mattress include the steel coil springs with individual encasements that provide a firm and protective support. The tempered steel is made to last for years, however, despite the satisfactory support, the mattress still needs a sturdy platform or bed frame in order to provide better edge support. The mattress is adjustable base friendly so there would be no problems with choosing a base you want to use for your innerspring bed.

There could be a sagging tendency when you sit on the corners of the bed due to its construction and the quilted knit cover lacks a corded edge to keep the cover in place and ensure the mattress’ original shape.

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Classic Brands 8-Inch Advantage Hybrid Innerspring Mattress, Queen

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How It Feels

User satisfaction score
88 %

The Classic Brands Advantage Hybrid Mattress is quite firm and there is no sagging tendency or retaining of your shape especially in the middle of the bed. The firmness and flatness of the sleep surface may not be ideal for those who want a springier or more bouncing feel for their bed but there is a simple remedy if you use a plush and luxurious topper to compensate the firmer coil spring layer.

Classic Brands Advantage Hybrid MattressThere is no specific heat retention quality thus the bed offers neutral sleep temperature, and if you get sweaty or hot easily, you may not like how the mattress feels after several hours of sleep. For sleepers that want a softer effect, the sleep surface may be too hard to tolerate. However, it is certainly a good option if you need a responsive back and spine support.

There is no sagging or sinking feeling when you sleep, and that’s what made this bed a good alternative for couples. Make sure that you both want a firmer surface because the comfort level is not customizable on either side. Nonetheless, the coil spring design ensures motion isolation for uninterrupted sleep, and there is minimal noise when you move. Off-gassing may be an issue as well as dust or allergen buildup because of the construction design of the 8-inch coil spring layer.

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Overall Sleep Experience

User satisfaction score
86 %

You get the ultimate overall sleep experience if your sleep position and weight conforms to the mattress because the Classic Brands Advantage Hybrid Mattress is not compatible with everyone. It is the ideal bed if you have spinal alignment problems, sciatica, and fibromyalgia because the firmness level of the bed ensures a contouring effect that protects the body’s pressure points. On the other hand, it is not a plush mattress so if you sleep on your side or you weigh more than 200 lbs, the coil innerspring construction just might give way.

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User satisfaction score
93 %
Last update was on: 18.10.2017 01:15

The hybrid mattress with innerspring and foam layering is quite affordable and competitively priced unit. it also comes in various sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King, all with their corresponding price range. If you want to find another brand to compare the mattress with, some of the names to look for include Sleep Master by Zinus, Englander Finale, LinenSpa, DreamFoam Signature Sleep, and Brentwood Home.

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Review Highlights from verified customers

We have scanned 190 reviews and here are the highlights of the most important user satisfaction metrics.

  • 2.1% say: it’s causing pain
  • 2.4% say: odor is minimal, and 2%  say it stinks.
  • 3% mention that this mattress is firm but not supportive
  • 7% are satisfied after one year of use, especially pointing the money they have spent.
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What Do Other Mattress Geeks Think?

Average expert score
90 %
The compressed feature of the mattress, when shipped to your address, makes it easier to move or fit any staircase and narrow hallways before inflating the bed to its original form.
One of the best features of this hybrid mattress with coil innerspring design is that it has motion absorption to guarantee undisturbed sleep. However, it could easily wear off that’s why it’s an ideal bed for the guest room or the kid’s room.
8.7 Total Score
Summary Review Score

Classic Brands Advantage Hybrid Mattress gives you an ideal sleep surface that protects pressure points, resulting in no backaches and other bodily pains. It is a great choice if you want a couple’s bed, as long as both of you are amenable to a firmer sleep surface. The 8-inch hybrid innerspring bed is not a good match for those that sleep on their side or want a plusher model.

Quality of material / Durability
Sleep Experience
Other Experts Average Score
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Shipping and Warranty

The coil spring mattress comes with a 5-Year Warranty but for more information regarding its warranty policies, customers should keep in touch with the Classic Brands customer support. You can also inquire more about their shipping information and other details you want to know about the product’s pre-sale and post-sale offers.

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Classic Brands 8-Inch Advantage Innerspring Mattress

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