Cushybeds Memory Foam 4-Layer Mattress

Have you experienced the best sleep of your entire life yet? Getting a long lasting restful night sleep is a luxury not everyone can afford. Cushybeds Memory Foam 4-Layer Mattress offers the ultimate way to a comfortable and luxurious sleep. The 4-layer latex hybrid mattress is a blend of different firm and plush premium materials, designed to deliver that personalized comfort.

Features of Cushybeds Memory Foam 4-Layer Mattress

Foam Layers

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95 %

Starting from the bottom, the support core base is a 7-inch high-density foam that increases body support and molds to the body’s shape. It is specially made thicker and denser compared to other foundational bases in the mattress industry. The lowest layer of the latex bed provides general support for the upper foam layers while ensuring the responsiveness and firmness of the entire bed.

On top of the support base is the 1” 4.0 Visco memory foam, an additional layer that reinforces the firmness, consistent support, and ensures the longevity of the mattress. The 1-inch gel swirl memory foam on top of the Visco memory foam is the main source of the bed’s guaranteed durability, no matter how heavy you may be. The breathable and well-ventilated surface also provides extra cooling which makes the bed ideal for hot sleepers.

The uppermost layer of the mattress is the 1-inch graphite infused Talalay latex that contours to the shape and weight of the body and getting rid of tension on the pressure points. The Talalay latex with infused graphite layer is also integrated with the patented technology for heat absorption, making you feel cooler all night. The 4-layer 10” latex hybrid is then encased with a washable and removable cover.

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Quality of Materials/Durability

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91 %

There are four different high-quality materials integrated and put together into this latex hybrid mattress starting with the high-density support base foam. The other layers are made from viscoelastic memory foam, gel swirl memory foam, and the Talalay latex with the graphite-infused design. The Cushybeds Memory Foam 4-Layer Mattress is a CertiPUR-US certified product which means it is made from purely quality materials and industry-approved components.

Cushybeds latex hybrids strike a balance between firmness and that bouncing feeling. It also makes sure that its plush features do not compromise its durability. In fact, the latex memory foam mattress is made to last for years, hence the decades of warranty protecting the product.

It has above average general support and stability especially with its thick and dense support base that caters to heavyweight individuals, those with petite body frames, and anything in between. The edge support for this latex bed is quite debatable, however, depending mainly on your weight, sleep position, and body frame. The sides of the bed could be softer and lack the firmness, but the overall support guarantees no sagging and sinking feeling.

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CushyBeds 4 Layer Latex Memory Foam Mattress Built with Premium Materials, Queen

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How it Feels

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94 %

Cushybeds Memory Foam 4-Layer Mattress delivers universal comfort which means it could cater to different individuals with varied sleep preferences and other influencing factors. The bed offers a responsive support, making you feel more refreshed and ache-free the following more.

The certified safe foams have ventilated design so that you feel cooler without toss and turn in the middle of the night, all drenched in sweat. The gel memory foam adjusts to your body temperature and regulates it to cater to its current surroundings, making you feel cozier and warmer during winter and cooler when the temperature spikes.

One of the best features of the latex hybrid is that it has superior ability to reduce the motion transfer. Absorbing your movement and avoiding disturbance to the person sleeping next to you is a feature which not worth to neglect. You don’t feel the movement plus you don’t hear the noise unlike in the case of spring mattresses. Furthermore, the Cushybeds mattress guarantees minimal to no off-gassing even when initially unpacking and using the mattress. If there is the slightest odor or smell, it would easily disappear after a few days.

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Overall Sleep Experience

User satisfaction score
93 %

Sleeping on the luxurious and plush 10” Cushybeds is like floating on air and off to slumber-land because of the right balance of firmness and softness in one latex hybrid bed. You feel invigorated, happy, and there’s an added pep in your step. It offers the best sleep experience especially for those who have orthopedic and spinal problems because of its therapeutic foam layers that protect all the pressure points of the body.

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83 %

The Cushybeds Memory Foam 4-Layer Mattress is a little bit costlier but the price of the mattress actually depends on the size of the bed such as Twin and Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King. There are similar latex hybrid brands and models in the same category for quality and price including popular mattress labels such as Casper, Tempurpedic TEMPUR-Cloud Prima, and Sealy Optimum Destiny Gold.

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The price of this mattress varies according to the size. The smallest one, Twin, costs $279, while the biggest one, RV Short King, costs $599. The mattress, as you can see, belongs to the group of mattresses which cost less than $1000. Despite this fact, it is still a very strong competition to the mattresses that require a bit bigger budget.

The distributor also offers two free GEL memory pillows with every mattress that you buy. The pillows are designed to match the design and the feel of the mattress, and there is a great possibility that if you liked the mattress that you will become the fan of the pillows as well.

Historical Price Chart of the product

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Review Highlights from verified customers

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What Do Other Mattress Geeks Think?

Average expert score
92 %
“The 4-layer Talalay latex and memory foam mattress absorbs heat and gives you a cooling sensation when you sleep. The increased support to your back and the entire body means there are no back pains or stiff necks when you wake up.”
“Cushybeds 10-inch memory foam mattress deserves a perfect score for durability and a satisfactory nod for pain relief design. The covers are washable, and the graphite-infused surface makes you sleep like a baby. There is, however, that “new mattress” smell when you open the package.”
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Shipping and Warranty

The memory foam Talalay latex mattress blend comes with a 10-Year limited warranty that covers factory defects. There is also a 120-night trial so that you can try out the mattress and observe if it is your perfect sleep buddy or not. You can return the mattress if you think that it is not the right match with a no-hassle return policy. Cushybeds offer free shipping within the United States and the compressed mattress will be delivered straight to your doorsteps in just a matter of days.

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