DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Coil Pillow Top Mattress

Why deprive yourself a comfortable and restful sleep when you can have this luxury and feel refreshed and invigorated the following morning? Proper sleep starts with having the right bed, and DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Coil Pillow Top Mattress is one of the names that have made quite a reputation in the hybrid mattress category, and its coil spring feature makes it even more intriguing.

DreamFoam has various differing standpoints regarding this coil hybrid bed with the unique pillow top design.

Foam Layer and Coils

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82 %

The 12-inch mattress is made up of the pocketed coil innerspring base where hundreds of individually encased coils in their own fabric pockets, are designed to independently respond to the motion, body contour, and weight. The coil spring system evenly distributes support and ensures undisturbed sleep with pressure relief so that you don’t feel any aches and pains on your hips, back area, spine, lumbar, and other pressure points.

The soft and plush pillow top feature the gel memory foam layer that relieves pressure from different parts of the body through conforming to the sleeper’s body weight and contours. The independently encased coil springs are designed to isolate the motion and absorb the movement so that you’ll  not experience sleep interruption when the person next to you moves or gets out of the bed. Finally, the foam cover is made from breathable and soft cotton materials with moisture absorbent features to keep you dry and comfortable all night.

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Quality of Materials/Durability

Average expert score
82 %

DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Coil Pillow Top Mattress is made of high-quality tempered steel coils for reliable and sturdy support with a responsive feel, making it quite firm than what it claims to be ultra-plush. The coil count mainly varies depending on the size of the coil spring bed where there are 1193 coils for the King mattress, 954 for Queen, and 824 coil count for the Full-size variant. The coil also goes all the way to the corners or edges of the bed, giving it a more durable construction which is not quite common with coil spring hybrid mattresses.

DreamFoam guarantees the safety and eco-friendliness of their products thus the memory foam layering this bed is CertiPUR-US certified which means it does not have any dangerous contents such as formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, and heavy metals as well as ozone depletes. The foam is approved for its low VOC which means that the bed does have minimal off-gassing or emission issues but the odor will not last long and would eventually dissipate with proper ventilation.

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How It Feels

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85 %

The hybrid design of the coil hybrid mattress, particularly the memory foam gel layering, is ideal for sensitive backs and those who are consistently sleeping hot because the foam is designed with an open cell structure for substantial airflow.

DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Coil Pillow Top MattressAlthough it says Ultra Plush, some sleepers may find it quite firmer to the touch since it is ideally made for back support and pressure point protection. Although the bed’s integrated design includes the gel memory foam, the coil spring base could be at times overpowering and overwhelming that you would feel the firmer side of the bed.

The pillow top is designed to give the bed a plusher, more luxurious, and bouncing feel, however, it may still depend on the level of tolerance and preference of the sleeper. Some side sleepers may find the bed too firm but it could be the ideal pick for back and stomach sleepers. The coil spring construction gives the bed a better edge support but it could affect the lifespan and longevity of the bed if you are heavyweight or more than 200lbs as there are cases when the coils would bulge or create a protruding part due to wear and tear and prolonged exposure to heavyweight.

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Overall Sleep Experience

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83 %

DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Coil Pillow Top Mattress gives you a satisfactory overall sleep experience especially if you are matched to its firmness level and some issues such as the initial chemical odor as a result of off-gassing. The encased coil spring system reduces the motion transfer, but there could be issues of noise as a result of its coil construction especially with years of use. Another sign of wear and tear is the potential indentation on the mattress surface which is quite an issue with memory foam materials.

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DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Coil Pillow Top Mattress Price

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82 %

The hybrid Ultimate Dreams mattress is a mid-range option in the price scale, and price ranges depend on the size of the mattress which comes in Twin and Twin XL, Full and Full XL, Queen, King, and California King. The brands that are in the same price range include Signature Sleep, Brentwood Home, Serenia Sleep, LinenSpa, and Leesa mattress.


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What Do Other Mattress Geeks Think?

Average expert score
85 %
The DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Coil Pillow Top Mattress is hypoallergenic and safe and even without customized comfort level, it could still work as a couple’s bed because of its individually encased coil spring system.
There is a sinking, quicksand feeling with this foam and coil spring mattress in one because of its memory foam component and pillow top design. However, it is still firm for better back support.
It’s perfect for anyone who needs pressure point relief and it has good edge support, unlike other coil spring beds.
8.1 Total Score
Summary Review Score

DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams pocketed coil mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers and the plush pillow top layer make it soft enough for side sleepers as well. Due to its coil spring construction, the mattress is quite susceptible to wear and tear and heavy weight could significantly affect its lifespan.

Quality of material / Durability
Sleep Experience
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Shipping and Warranty

The coil hybrid mattress comes with a 10-Year Limited Warranty and 90-day trial period, however, you would have to inquire about the shipping offers from the manufacturer for more detailed information. DreamFoam encourages owners to know the Do’s and Don’ts of Bedding Care in order to keep the mattress within its warranty coverage.

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