Loom & Leaf by Saatva Review: Handcrafted, American Luxury

Loom & Leaf is the result of the overwhelming success of the Saatva innerspring mattress where some of the brilliant minds that made up the Saatva team converged into creating a sister-brand that was launched in 2015. The company takes pride in its multi-layered mattress model that is offered to customers using old-fashioned customer service and combines it with the latest e-commerce technology for a high-quality shopping experience.


The 12” tall mattress is made up of 4 distinct layers, making it a bit taller and thicker compared to the standard 10” mattress on the market and offering deeper compression support, feel, and durability. The topmost layer is the 2” high-quality gel foam with the gel-swirl construction for even weight dispersion while the second comfort layer is made up of 2.5” visco-elastic memory foam with 5.0 PCF. The 2” transition loft pad is the third transitional support layer while the bottom support layer or base is made up of high-density support foam. The organic quilted cotton covering provides naturally breathable comfort with thistle flame retardant features for safe and convenient sleep all night long.

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Loom and Leaf Memory Foam Mattress

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The Loom & Leaf mattress is a recommended option for most sleepers although it is ideal for those who want a medium to firm feel for their sleep surface. The memory foam component allows a floating or hugging feeling but not so much on the bouncing effect, making this mattress a highly recommended choice for exceptional pressure relief as well as slower weight response. The motion isolation ability of this bed is above average that’s why it is a great option as a couple’s bed, guaranteeing no sleep disturbance to the person sleeping next to you in terms of movement and noise as well.


One of the most notable drawbacks of the Loom & Leaf mattress is the below average edge support offering inadequate support especially for larger individuals or if you are sleeping near the edge of the bed or sitting on it. There is an initial off-gassing specifically a chemical odor when you first unpacked or used the mattress, however, the unpleasant initial odor may disappear on its own in a matter of days. Since the mattress is one-sided or a no-flip model, it is essential to rotate the mattress head to foot at least 2 to 3 times every year in order to minimize or prevent wear and sagging.

Quality of Materials/Durability

The ultra-luxury premium foam materials of the Loom & Leaf mattress are made in the USA with the L&L green initiative efforts to make their mattresses safe and healthy for the sleeper and the environment as a whole. The top foam layer has a 4.0 PCF or Pounds per Cubic Foot density while the second layer has 5.0 PCF density, giving the foam impressive durability based on the pound per cubic foot scale, however, the overall lifespan depends on the use and regular maintenance of the mattress.

How it Feels/Overall Sleep Experience

The Loom & Leaf mattress has an average firmness which makes it ideal for individuals that want just the right amount of support but without the bouncing feel. Although the mattress is not your typical memory foam that excessively hugs your body when you sleep, it has a moderate degree of body contouring to protect pressure points and provide quality back and spine support.

How Much Should You Pay for It?

According to the Loom & Leaf website, the offered mattress price when you purchase straight from the manufacturer is $1,099 but retail stores vary in pricing that could reach up to more than $2,600 per mattress.

Last update was on: 16.01.2018 13:10

What Do Other Mattress Geeks Think?

The average score of below table is  8.84 out 10

ReviewerHighlightsThe Score
Sleepopolis.comL&L mattress is a luxurious mattress with a fraction of the price of most luxury brands. The quality materials, support, and cooling feeling seal the deal.4.8/5
Sleeplikethedead.comThe Loom & Leaf mattress has sophisticated features for such reasonable price. Nevertheless, there are still issues such as partial disclosure of the mattress specs.3.5/5
Mattressclarity.comOverall, the L&L mattress by Saatva is comfortable and the price is worth it compared to other mid-range mattresses.4.6/5
Mattress-guides.netLoom and Leaf mattress has excellent temperature regulation with a great price but it only has 2 comfort levels.4.8/5
Sleepsherpa.comThe mattress allows you to sleep cool but the softness is not recommended for those with back and spine problems8.8/10
8.6 Total Score
Summary Review Score

Saatva aims to provide a luxury memory foam mattress with the Loom & Leaf mattress brand for the best night’s sleep with the fraction of the price that you usually pay for premium and expensive mattress models while ensuring no hassle and no drama in shopping.

Quality of material / Durability
Sleep Experience
Other Experts Average Score

Shipping, Warranty, Available Certificates

The Loom and Leaf mattress comes with a 120-day home trial and if you don’t think that it is your right match, you can enjoy the no-penalty fee and no-pick-up fee return policy with the guaranteed 15-year warranty protection. The mattress is 100% green with CertiPUR-US approval and certification from the Sustainable Furnishing Council and the Cotton Covering Organic seal.

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