Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus 10″ Memory Foam Mattress

Atlas Gel-Plus 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress by Perfect Cloud is an all-around mattress, comfortable enough, regardless of your sleeping position (back sleeping, side sleeping, starfish, etc.). You will be able to enjoy your sleep fully.

Consisting of several layers of memory foam resembling an ordinary hotel mattress with softness and the cloud-like feeling (hence the name), although it is listed as medium-firm. It helps with relieving back pains and lowers the amount of pain with people with arthritis.

Features of Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus

Foam Layers

User satisfaction score
85 %

Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus consists of three layers of memory foam located under the cover. The first layer, which is directly beneath the cover, is Gel Memory Plus foam. This type of foam is injected with gel beads, making its structure almost cell-like. This kind of configuration provides better noise reduction, increased softness, and comfort in general.

The second layer is bi-directional Double Air Flow Comfort Foam. This layer of foam enables the air streaming in and out of the mattress, thus keeping it fresh for many years to come. Furthermore, the mattress will not have an unpleasant odor due to this feature.

The third layer is HD base foam that serves to hold the mattress together, prevent sagging and increase durability. This layer is necessary with all of the memory foam mattresses, and this one is no exception.

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Quality of material and durability

User satisfaction score
88 %

The foam is certified with CertiPUR –US and the product itself are designed in the US. These two factors contribute to the fact that these mattresses are durable and have the minimal level of sagging after a couple of years. Furthermore, this also means that the overall quality of the foam is great and that there is no risk of causing damage to the health by the materials that the foam is made of.

The top of the mattress is covered with a stretch knit cover, and you can remove it whenever you want to wash it. Mattresses are adapting this feature as it has proven to be very effective in preventing dust mites and other kinds of unwanted guests. However, the most important factor is to keep the sheets clean and healthy because the memory foam itself is made in such a way to prevent all the microorganisms to enter it.

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How it feels

User satisfaction score
95 %

Due to the unique gel memory foam technology, this mattress minimizes the level of motion transfer. It means that if you are a person who moves a lot while sleeping, you will not trouble other people sleeping with you on the same mattress, and vice versa. Furthermore, the noise levels are minimal which means that no one will wake up because of the sounds that the mattress (does not) produce. Edge support is also great, and there are still no known cases of them becoming sloppy with time.

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Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus 10" Memory Foam Mattress, Queen, White/Mocha

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The only thing that comes as a surprise is the slight level of off-gassing that you can feel for the first couple of weeks after buying this product. This happens because some of the mattresses remain in the storage for a long time before being sold and they tend to pick up the odors from the storage. However, if you wash the cover, you will eliminate it.

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Overall sleep experience

User satisfaction score
93 %

The overall sleep experience is excellent. People who have lower back pains will especially enjoy it because there are cases of complete loss of pain. Furthermore, the mattress is built to be an all-around mattress which every kind of sleeper should enjoy. The only thing that some people may not like about this mattress is its softness. This can happen mostly with those who are used to sleeping on medium-firm and firm mattresses.

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User satisfaction score
93 %
Last update was on: 19.02.2018 04:16

The price of this mattress puts it in the category of medium priced mattresses. However, the price/quality ratio, in this case, is great.

Historical Price Chart of the product

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Review Highlights from verified customers

We have scanned 488 reviews and here are the highlights of the most important user satisfaction metrics.

  • 14.1%  buyers stating that it help to reduce the old sleeping pains, still 2.7% have pains
  • 14.9% say odor is minimaland only 2.17% say that smell is an issue
  • 10% say it’s supportive and 27% like the firmness (our comment: this mattress is soft, so the word cloud in description might be a signal for whose who prefer firmer beds)
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What Do Other Mattress Geeks Think?

User satisfaction score
80 %
The Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus is a gel memory foam mattress that combines the latest technology, air flow system and a combination of proprietary gel infused memory foam and traditional memory foam to offer a peaceful night’s sleep.
Great sleep is something that affects every aspect of your life from job performance to mood, so it’s important to get the best mattress you can that will help you achieve a great night’s sleep, every night. This mattress will do that.
Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress has all the benefits that a Tempurpedic mattress provides which costs one ore than $3000.
You deserve the best night’s sleep of your life every night and Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus Memory Foam Mattress can provide you with it.

8.9 Total Score
Summary Review Score

Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is one of those mattresses that you can come upon if you reside in a 5-star hotel. The quality and the price are the best in the market, and it can be an enjoyable experience to have it in your bedroom. The mattress is marked as an all-around type which means that all types of sleepers are welcome to buy it and enjoy the benefits that this bed offers.

Quality of material / Durability
Sleep Experience
Other Experts Average Score
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Shipping and Warranty

The shipping is free via Amazon and can be sent directly to your home. The mattress is tightly packed into a carton box, and it will take about 72 hours to expand fully. There are cases of the mattress not expanding to the full width but remaining less than 10-inch wide and this is the main disadvantage that the users pinpointed. However, it rarely happens, and it does not represent a problem during sleeping.

The warranty is also great, and it is one of the longest that exist in this industry – 25 years. This further proves the quality and durability of the mattress.



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