Pure Green® Natural Latex Mattress Review

The first thing associated with the word latex is that it’s something unnatural and unhealthy. There is a grain of truth in the fact that latex mattresses are not always the healthiest option,but only if we’re talking about synthetic latex. However, Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is not one of them.

The designers and creators of this mattress paid close attention to avoid all the pitfalls of toxicity and made a latex mattress that is 100% green and not harmful to anyone in any way. Furthermore, Sleep on Latex is the company from Chicago that completely controls the sewing and assembling of these mattresses, which means that they are also wholly made within the borders of US.

Features of Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Foam Layers

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92 %

There are two layers of foam within this mattress. The first layer, starting from the bottom, is 6-Inch thick 34 ILD Natural Latex Foam. ILD stands for Impression Load Deflection, and it basically tells how supportive and most likely durable that particular layer is. It is a standardized unit of measurement when it comes to foam. 34 ILD means that the foam layer is a bit firmer than medium-firm. This also means that during the measurement it was 34lbs of weight needed to achieve 25% of indentation on the particular layer.

The second layer is 2-inch thick, and it is called 20 ILD Natural Latex Foam. According to the ILD measurement system, 20 ILD belongs to medium firmness and it is the firmness of the mattress itself. Both of the layers are completely made out of natural latex.

The last layer is 1-Inch thick, and it is actually not foam but wool imported directly from the New Zealand. The wool is responsible for both the great feel of the mattress and the cooling system.

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Quality of material and durability

User satisfaction score
95 %

As environment consciousness is one of the priorities with this mattress, it was only logical to have appropriate certification. Greenguard is one of the strongest certification programs, and the mattress has the gold certificate which means that it is completely environmentally friendly and that there are no fire retardant chemicals or barrier cloths.

Speaking of durability, there is no room for doubt because this product is made to last because it is entirely designed and made in the US. Every part of it that contributes to it, including the cover, the latex layers, and the wool layer, is made to last for a very long time and be very comfortable at the same time.

Apart from the wool, the cover is also quilted and made from organic cotton.

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How it feels

User satisfaction score
90 %

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is launched as being medium firm, although it is, in fact, firmer than that and can be put in the category of firm mattresses. Because of its firmness, the mattress is suitable for people who experience lower back pains as well as for the individuals who move a lot when sleeping. The overall grade for comfort would definitely be 9/10 because this is indeed one of the most comfortable mattresses that you will ever sleep on. This is a great advantage, if we take into account that the manufacturer’s primary goal was not comfort but the health of the product’s users.

If you are sleeping with a partner in this mattress and both of you move a lot, you will enjoy every second of your sleep because the motion transfer is minimal and the mattress produces virtually no noise at all.

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress has great edge support, despite the fact that it has only 6-inch base. There are no reported cases of them becoming sloppy or of the mattresses sagging after a period of time.

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Pure Green® Natural Latex Mattress - Soft - Queen

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Overall sleeping experience

User satisfaction score
90 %

If you are a person who is conscious of the environment and want to keep the nature clean, this might be the mattress for you. Apart from keeping the outside clean, this mattress keeps the inside clean as well as it preserves your body skin and keeps you and your room fresh all the time.

If the sleeping experience can be rated, it would also be 9/10. The only thing that might not satisfy the need of the sleepers is the fact that it is firmer than expected. Therefore, if you are used to sleeping in extremely soft beds, you might have trouble adapting to this mattress for a couple of days.

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User satisfaction score
82 %
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Pure Green® Natural Latex Mattress comes in several different sizes, and its price varies from $800 to $1550, depending on the size of the mattress. It belongs to the category of medium-priced mattresses as there are many mattresses, especially those made of latex foam, which are more expensive than this model.

A similar product, within the similar price range, is Ultimate Dreams Queen Size Total Latex Mattress. Furthermore, you can also check out the Pure Green Natural Latex Topper which you can use to put onto your old mattress and have a healthier sleep.


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To sum up, this mattress is made for people who are both conscious about our planet and who like to feel rested in the morning. If you belong to any of these groups, you definitely want to check out Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress and improve the quality of your sleep. Furthermore, if you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, you will love how this mattress accommodates to your body and how all the neck pains will not exist anymore.

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Shipping and Warranty

The shipping is free, and the mattress usually arrives 2-3 days after it was ordered. They come rolled up in a plastic wrap, and all you have to do is unroll it, remove the plastic wrap that surrounds it and place it directly to the bed frame. Of course, you might want to wait a couple of hours before throwing yourself onto it because it needs to expand fully.

The warranty is ten years for this product, which means that you can feel safe investing into it.

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