Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress Review

Sleeping restfully and waking up refreshed the following morning is the ultimate way to pamper yourself and a high-quality latex mattress can contribute to that. The Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress is a strong name in the mattress industry that aims to give everyone a dreamless, tranquil sleep. Let’s Review it and see if it’s the right one for you.

The DreamFoam latex hybrid mattress collection is made and designed in the United States and is easily accessible and delivered to customers through online orders. The customizable latex bed is one of the most interesting models in its category since the firmness levels of the mattress can be changed on either side of the bed.

Features of Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress

Foam Layers

User satisfaction score
92 %

The 12-inch latex hybrid exhibits three different layers of firm support, bouncing comfort, and breathable, cool surface to give you the optimal sleep and pressure relief. The foundation of this mattress bed is the 8-inch convoluted base made from polyurethane foam. The foam layer is designed to conform to the unique contours of your body and body-weight.

On top of the 8” base is 3 inches of Talalay latex blend foam for the comfort layer, offering the support of a firm surface and the comfort of a plush and bouncy latex foam. DreamFoam ensures that this layer is made with the safest and healthy natural fillers that are combined with the main Talalay latex foam. Finally, the topmost layer is the 1.5-inch ultra-plush reflex foam that is quilted and encased with 100% bamboo fiber cover.

The foam layers do not show “valleys” or indentations even for heavyweight sleepers weighing up to 300 lbs. and even for several months or years, the foam is still intact. There may be slight impressions forming, however, changing the removable topper may make a significant difference if you want to prevent the mattress from sagging.

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Quality of Materials/Durability

User satisfaction score
100% %

Latex hybrid mattress quickly decompresses when you unpack it upon arrival, and there are no pungent or strong odor and issues of off-gassing that’s why you can instantly sleep on the mattress. The Talalay latex in the Eurotop bed is called Talatech latex, it is blended which means it is combined with other natural, non-synthetic, and hypoallergenic fillers for soft and bouncing effect.

The 8-inch base support layer is made from high-density convoluted polyurethane foam materials that conform to the weight and contours of the body, protecting all pressure points to wake up pain-free the following morning. The powerful supportive features of the base layer and Talalay latex blend make the bed an ideal choice for people with arthritis, spine problems, fibromyalgia, and bone or muscle pains. However, the zipper cover is not removable and could not be dry-cleaned or washed.

DreamFoam guarantees the highest standard for safety the foams through the CertiPUR approval on their Eurotop collections. Moreover, the biodegradable bamboo cover is Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring that the fabric materials are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, plus it is resistant to dust mites and other allergens

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Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress

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How It Feels

User satisfaction score
88 %

The firmness level of the mattress describes what you can expect from your mattresses such as level 1 (Extra Firm) is ideal for stomach and back sleepers. Level 3 is Firm which is also perfect for back and stomach sleepers that prefer a little softer surface. Level 5 is Medium-Firm and could be suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers while Level 6 or Medium fits all three types of sleepers for a surface that is neither too soft nor too hard.

The breathable and ventilated Talalay latex foam helps to regulate your body temperature while sleeping, making you feel cooler and more comfortable through minimal or zero heat retention. The breathable and ventilated foam that allows proper airflow within the mattress also works during winter especially when your room heater is on, and the temperature is up.

There are no issues of off-gassing, and the chemical smell that you would notice is quite true to every other mattress on the market. The initial de-gassing takes a short time to complete, and you can use your mattress for just a matter of hours. The Talalay latex foam also ensures no disturbances and noise because of the motion transfer and noiseless feature of the bed.

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Overall Sleep Experience

User satisfaction score
91 %

Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress is an above-average type of latex hybrid given its unique comfort level features that are also customizable. It lets you sleep and enjoy your sleep because there are no issues of noise, sudden movements, and that pungent smell. The bed is cool and bouncing and firm all at the same time, combinations that you don’t usually get in one single mattress unit.

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User satisfaction score
87 %

Last update was on: 17.10.2017 23:11

The Eurotop latex mattress collection is quite costlier compared to the other latex hybrid series from DreamFoam. Nevertheless, it is good value for your money, especially for a Talalay latex breed that is naturally more expensive than its Dunlop latex counterpart. Available sizes from this collection other than the Queen variant include Twin/Twin XL, Full/Full XL, Short Queen, King, Cal King, and Split Cal King. Other brands within its price range include Eco Terra, Pure Green, GhostBed, and LUCID.


Historical Price Chart of the product

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Review Highlights from verified customers

We have scanned 226 reviews and here are the highlights of the most important user satisfaction metrics.

  • 8.85% of consumers mention: pain is gone, while 3.1% say: it’s causing pain
  • 9.3% say: odor is minimal, while 1.77%  say it smells
  • 4.8% got problems such as sagging or sloppy edges
  • 5.5% say that mattress still good after a year
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What Do Other Mattress Geeks Think?

User satisfaction score
85 %
“The mattress feels comfortable for both heavy and light individuals because you can customize different sides of the bed based on your personal preference.”
Signature Sleep directly compete with Zinus, but we firmly believe that this mattress teaches them a lesson. You just cannot go wrong with buying it, especially if you cannot afford a mattress from a bigger league. Don’t worry… your back will thank you!
8.7 Total Score
Summary Review Score

Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress works with all types of foam platforms such as adjustable, slatted, and flat surfaces. The customized comfort levels of the latex hybrid make it suitable for all types of sleeping positions, body weights, and body frames. Due to the hypoallergenic and high-density support of the bed, it perfectly works for individuals with back pains, spinal problems, and those with sensitive skin or respiratory allergies.

Quality of material / Durability
Sleep Experience
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Warranty and Returns

Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress comes with a 10-Year warranty and 90-night trial so that you can test the bed’s compatibility to your sleep needs and preferences. The latex hybrid also comes with a return policy within the 90-day period.

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